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Hi I'm John

I am Air Force retired, direct an elementary school Band, and tutor math and reading. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Independence Missouri to my earthly parents. After their break-up, when I was five, we moved to live in my grandmothers house. After my mothers second marriage, we moved again into the country. One year later, my mother and step father broke up. We moved back into a small apartment for a few months, then into a small house until I was 16 to which we moved into a slightly bigger home. During these years, my mother went to school to earn her masters, dated, and worked as a school teacher...my two younger sisters and myself hardly saw her...when I was 17, she married again. After graduation from High School, I joined the Air Force and stayed in for 20 years...where I married and had two sons. Upon retirement I went to school and got a degree. I then worked for an employer for 17 years to be laid-off in 2009. Today, 2011, I teach instrumental band to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, give private music instructins, and tutor math and reading. I am the only member of the LDS church of which I was baptised in 2008...the rest of my family, including my wife, belong to the RLDS or Community of Christ church.

Why I am a Mormon

I am married to a wonderful woman who helped raise our two sons. During this time, none of us were Latter Day Saints (LDS). During my time in the Air Force, I was exposed to several LDS (Mormons) whom I found to be very genuine, honest, moral, and easy-to-talk-to persons. After I retired I moved up to Washington where two Mormon missionaries came to my door...I had been down on my knees praying to my Heavenly Father to help me out of a very low that I was in. For the next two years I explored the LDS religion. I was baptised on a Saturday but due to some obsticals, I did not return for my confirmation. For the next eight years, I litterally sat on a fence not committing myself to any religion until I ran accross some associates that were Mormons. Through there association and being totally honest with myself and family, I was baptized, again, and confirmed a member. My life sense then has been exceptional. In my esimation, my married life has been enhanced and my understanding of the gospel has increased step-by-step, here a little-there a little to a point I can definately look back and see a remarkable change in how I view myself and others...I have become more Christ like in all my dealings with my family, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. I can only attribute this to my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of which holds all the keys to the gospel and priesthood in these latter days. I was lead to this church by listening and following the promptings of the Spirit. Before my first baptism I was wanting answers to all of my questions...I expected everything to fall into place. I thought everyone would understand and agree to what I was doing...NOT! So, after eight years of going nowhere, I realized there had to be another way to follow the spirits' promptings. And the only way was through the use of faith. Faith, believing, that God that was leading me and he would prepare the way for me...which He did.

How I live my faith

Since my membership into the church, 2008, I have been called to be a Ward Missionary, Cub Master, and Chorister. I have been to Temple classes which prepared me to entrance into the Temple where I have done baptisms for the dead, Endowments, and Sealings. I have learned how to do my geneology for my side of the family and have been doing home teaching for the last two years. My greatest joy is going with the missionaries on splits. (This is where you and one of the Missionaries go to visit families, while the other missionary goes with another member to visit someone else) I also sing in the stake choir and am a part of some of the productions that the church puts on like: "Savior of the world" and "Scrooge." During all of these church activities, I certainly enjoy the association with the Saints whereby fellowshiping together you learn and share lifes experiences, your ups and downs, your good and bad days, and how you cope with them. This is a big part of being a LDS. In my daily life's journey, away from the church, I get to practice who I am as a Mormon to all those around me I meet. I try to be constantly aware of who I am and what I represent as a good LDS. Through these encounters I have successes and failures. But because of the teachings of the church and it's Prophets, I learned how to deal with both. I have learned that I am human and will always fall short, from time-to-time, but that, too, I am a child of God and He knows me intimatly and will never leave me if I call upon him for help, guidance, and forgiveness. As a Mormon you learn that you are no better than anyone else. You learn to accept everyone for who they are on there journey. But also, as a Mormon, you learn that this church, in this last dispensation of time, is the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. That it is run the same way it was ages ago...prophets, apostles, priesthood, etc. I have been blessed abundantly as a member of the LDS church.