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Hi I'm Elaine Koeppel

I grew up in a little town in Idaho, I lived there until I got married and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a little town in Idaho, and there were 4 of us girls. We all lived in a 4 room log cabin, for about 10 years. My Dad raised sheep and my Mom made bread every week. We were poor but I didn't know it. In the Fall I would pick potatoes and I earned $12.00 that first year,I was 9 years old. I bought me a watch with the money. I have learned to have a positive attitude because it seems to me that bad things only last for a short time and I can be allright for a short time until I can find help to make it better. I was taught by my Mom to pray to God to help me and then work as if it depended on me. I have felt impressed by God many times to find things that have helped me. I grew up fairly happy. When I was 21 I met Ed in 1969 and we dated for about a year, and then we married. We had 3 boys in about 5 years. We moved around alot because of his work. My husband did not know God when we met. He was a hard worker and he was a Millwright. One of the places that we lived is Hill City South Dakota. We were able to find a really nice log cabin to live in.. Ed was hired to help rebuild a sawmill. One cold winter day Ed was gone to work and the boys were in school; I started a fire in the fireplace and in a few minutes, the damper, slammed shut. Smoke started to fill the house. I panicked but I also felt that I needed to get our parakeet and dog out of the house. We were on the main road and a trucker saw the smoke and called the fire department.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) but that does not mean that I was converted to the church. I went to church and I was active. But what became clear to me later in life is that it is easy to miss the things that are important to us when we get into places that are exciting and adventurious. There came a time in my life that I started to wonder if the church was really true. I stopped going to church for about 10 years and because of my leaving the church I felt more stress and more arguing with my husband and our boys grew up with anger and confusion. They were as unhappy as I and my husband were. So I started to remember what I had as a girl and I realized why I was so unhappy. I was happy as a girl. I started to read my scriptures again and I started to feel His spirit with me while I read. I would be inspired with new things that I had not realized before. You know when you see something every day but don't really look at it and then when you finally look at it you see something that you had missed all this long time. Well that is what I was seeing while I was reading. The scriptures gave new meaning to my life and straightened out all of the confusion. I remembered and prayed about Joseph Smith and how he saw God and His Son Jesus Christ. I know that this is true. I have felt God with me so I know that Joseph saw Them in the grove of trees. Another thing that I learned was that His church today is the same as it was at the time that He was on the earth. I have been able to help my husband learn of Jesus and the truthfullness of the Gospel. It changed his life and mine too. We have gone through many things that have been hard to go through and understand at the time. But as I look back I can see that He was with me all of the time.I can now tell you without a doubt in my mind that God lives and Jesus is His son and the Savior of the world. That he died for all of the world. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My husband after many years gained knowledge of the lord and became a changed person. We now attend the spiritual meetings. The first meeting when we go to church is called the Sacrament meeting. It is when the boys of the meeting (they are called deacons) pass to the congregation trays of bread and water. We partake of this in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ's crucifixion and atonement for us. Ed and I go to our temple and worship the Lord there. It is peaceful and a place to meditate and feel God's peace. Every month my husband and I go Home teaching. This means that we go to member's houses and visit with them we often talk of the gospel of Christ and see if we can help them with needs they might have. We love to talk to other people about the Lord and share our testimonies with them. We read the word of the Lord each morning (the bible and the Book of Mormon) when we do this we feel the Holy Spirit with us and we have His peace to be with us through the day. We have morning prayers to thank God for the Good night sleep and then at night time we thank God for helping us through the day. We Have helped people paint their houses and clean up their yards. There are many times that we have helped people who had no money and were sick and couldn't do for themselves. We feel that this is what Christ would do. Sometimes money is not needed to help other people. We are all brothers and sisters. God has turned our hearts to Him and we feel lHis love. He knows us and loves us anyway. I have been a primary teacher when our children were young. I taught the classes of 3 year old children about all of the things that God made. Each time I would teach I ended up learning alot about God myself. My husband and I once organixzed a fun get together. e decided to have a game show. We had people in the ward make things like balloon toss, and a small putting green, It was like the game of TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. We had a lot of fun that time.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Elaine Koeppel
The reason that we need to read the scriptures is they are books that tell of God and our Savior. They are records of people that lived before us and their interactions with God. We can be closer to those people and we won't have to suffer such painful lessons as they did. We can learn from them and also get closer to God. I feel His spirit and love for me when I read His words. Show more Show less