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Hi I'm Renee

I'm 34. I'm married with four children. I'm a kinesiologist. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I lived in Brisbane for a few years, just after I got married. But, we moved back to the Sunshine Coast to be close to my family, plus we love the beach and lifestyle here. So, I still live here, and I love it. I feel blessed to have been raised in a large family. I have seven sisters, no brothers! My parents are amazing! They managed to successfully raise a house of eight girls without too much drama. They have been, and still are great role models for me in so many ways. I married my husband Jamie, 14 yrs ago in the Sydney, Australia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. We have four children. My family is very important to me. My relationship with them is my priority in life. I believe all the everyday things we do to get by, like employment, housework etc, are just things we do to support and enhance our relationships within our family. I've been managing to squeeze in time to study over the last few years. I'm absolutely fascinated with and love Kinesiology and natural health. I'm almost finished my studies in Kinesiology. I start my Naturopathic diploma next year. I have been blessed with the gift to do this work. It just comes so naturally to me, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love. Within my kinesiology studies, I deal primarily with emotional health. It has given me a great understanding of people, which has been amazingly helpful as a wife and as a mother.

Why I am a Mormon

I think I've had more than my fair share of ups and downs in life....the one thing that has kept me going is my Faith in Jesus Christ. I have learned of his love for me and others as I have turned to him in prayer through these times. He has given me the strength to keep going and to learn. I am a Mormon because I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I feel so much joy and happiness in my life because of its teachings and principles. I can't imagine life without it. There is so much purpose and meaning to life, once you know and understand what we are blessed to know. My father was raised within this church, and my mother joined when she met and married him. I was also raised within this church's teachings. I always knew I felt good when I went to church. I felt really good and peaceful inside when I was baptized at 8 years old by my Dad. However, I didn't really understand and gain a testimony of the truthfulness of its teachings until I was about 19 years old. Some things happened in my life that led me to ponder and think deeply about what I really wanted and believed about life. Through sincere prayer and study of the scriptures, I came to the knowledge of the truthfulness of this church's teachings for myself. I cannot deny the witness I felt when I prayed to know if it was true. I felt a warm peaceful feeling in my heart. I have never looked back or altered from that decision I made to follow the teachings of this church. My life is richly blessed because of it. I feel so much joy on a daily basis because of my beliefs. I love life. There's so many reasons to be happy, if you know what really matters....

How I live my faith

There are many opportunities to serve and help in our church, and in the community. Within our church, we are asked to fill positions from time to time to help run meetings and also to meet the needs of our members. I have been asked to teach the women's group one Sunday each month. I love it. I learn so much as I study and prepare, and I am constantly amazed at the things they teach me. I feel so much love for these women. I feel the warmth of God's love for both them and myself as I fill this position. One small way that I try to be an example of Jesus Christ and his teachings every day, is by showing my love for other people. I am always aware that everyone wants and needs to feel loved. I love to look for opportunities to lift others spirits by kind words or small acts of kindness. There's been times when I've felt down, and someone I've never met has smiled and said hello. Other times, someone have rung me out of the blue to say they've been thinking of me. These small things have lifted my heart, and helped me to keep going. It's nice to know that someone cares about you. I love to do the same, and look for opportunities to brighten people's day. Imagine how different the world would be, if we followed Jesus Christ's example and looked for the good in everyone, and showed our love for all....

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

We were created by God. Our bodies are a gift from him. It makes so much sense that he would want to give us some instructions on how to best take care of these bodies. This is exactly what the Word of Wisdom is all about. God gave these instructions to the Prophet Joseph Smith. And with these instructions, he also gave a promise...that if we lived by these laws, we would receive health and strength in our bodies, wisdom, and treasures of knowledge. The scientific community is only just starting to acknowledge and promote many of these same principles we have known about for almost 200 years! That's what I love about this church - we believe in revelation. Our Prophet receives revelation from God for the whole church, and we can also receive our own personal revelation. I am blessed as I have lived this law of health. I see it on a daily basis. I have health and strength of body, mind and spirit. I have received great knowledge and understanding of things beyond my own abilities, and I know it is because I obey this law. I feel healthy, I feel alive, I am fully of energy, and best of all, I am free from addictions that could hold me back and weigh me down... Show more Show less