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Hi I'm Tanner

I love music. I play the Drums. I'm a nerd. My Friends Call me "Tan Cakes". I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a 21 year old College Student who loves to laugh and have fun. I'm a definitely a nerd who enjoys my fair share of nerdtastic things. But I like to think I'm well-rounded. I like everything from Computers to Final Fantasy, to Sports and Music. I love to learn. Knowledge and intelligence, to me, is something invaluable. I've sought my very best to work and apply myself to all that I do. I know that the strength is within me to learn anything I set my mind to. Just like the wise words of Captain Planet, "The Power is yours!" I grew up in a wonderful family in a small town in Orange County called Yorba Linda. I was introduced to music at a very early age from my mother who is a great pianist. She introduced to me the Musical "Les Miserables". In fact its the first music that I remember singing along to. She has always encouraged my siblings and me to develop our musical talents. Music is much more than a form of art, but a way of expressing my inner most thoughts and feelings. I often find that music can speak the words I cannot seem to find or articulate. I always seem to moving to a beat or rhythm I love languages. I know a bit of Mongolian as well as Spanish, Japanese and Swahili. Most importantly, I am a follower of my Savior Jesus Christ. He is everything to me. He is my Savior, my Light, and my King. I do my best to become more like him everyday and share that joy I've felt with others. Even if its with a smile, a simple "How do you do?", or a call on the phone.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe the only reasonable answer to this question is Prayer. Prayer is something that I took for granted during the earlier years of my life. Maybe not for granted, but I didn't understand its divine importance and value. As I read the scriptures and other faith promoting words I learned that Prayer is an actual communication between God and us, His children. Once I realized this prayer become natural and instinctive in my life. I came to know that I could ask my Heavenly Father questions and He could respond, if I listened and was diligent. I prayed and asked God if this truly was His Church, if He and His Son appeared to a young boy named Joseph Smith in a grove of trees, and if the Book of Mormon is the inspired word of God. Through my faith, trust, and prayer, I received an answer from God. An answer I continue to receive each time I read the Book of Mormon or kneel down to pray. From that Answer I've come to know my Savior even closer. Jesus Christ is much more than just a person in a book, but he is my friend and my counselor. Everytime I fall short, make a mistake, or sin, I know that I can always be forgiven through the grace of His Atonement. I can always come back to him. My mistakes don't have to define me, but they can refine who I become as I trust in Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for a loving God who is earnestly waiting to answer our prayers, that inspire us to change our lives so we can be closer to him, and to grant us joy when we live according to His words.

How I live my faith

I try to be a good person every single day. As Dumbledore from Harry Potter said, "Its our choices that define us for what we truly are, far more than our abilities." Sure, you can be the best dang Athlete or Musician in the world, but if you are a jerk and have a crappy life what does that say about the real you? I try to think of who I REALLY am. Strip me of my titles, my talents, my positions, my economic status. If all those things are gone, who is still standing there? Hopefully a good person is still standing before you. But other than my funny little thinking exercises, I like to help people. I've been able to serve as a missionary for 2 years in Denver Colorado. It has easily been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was able to help people come closer to God and develop an actual relationship with Him. That was one of my favorite experiences, seeing the light go on in their eyes as they felt God answer their prayers. I live my faith in the small decisions I make every single day. I believe its easy to do whats right when the big decisions come if you've been consistantly making the right decisions. By doing the small and simple things it creates a strong foundation whereon my big decisions can lean upon. So how do I live my faith? By one choice at a time.