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Hi I'm Ed Dowdle

I have lived in many US states and have travelled in Asia. I'm a retired US Special Agent. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have been married for about 43 years. We enjoy outdoor sports like hunting and camping. My wife and I have five children, and they now have their own families who also enjoy the outdoors. I worked in law enforcement for 28 years, and also served as a volunteer on an ambulance service for a few years. I enjoy working with Boy Scouts, especially the camp outs and mountain man rendezvous.

Why I am a Mormon

I was not raised in the LDS Church, or any other Church. I believed in God all my life, but never really knew anything about Him. When I got married, my wife is Mormon and I learned about the LDS Church through her activity in Church meetings and events. After being married for several years, and having had the missionary discussions a few times, I finally got serious about religion. I read the Book of Mormon and actually prayed about it to learn if it was all true or not. The Holy Ghost let me know in an unmistakable way that the Book of Mormon is true scripture and records a history of God's dealings with some of His children. I prayed about Joseph Smith, and again was given assurance by the Spirit that he was truly God's Prophet of the restoration, and that all the Prophets who've followed after him are also true prophets of God. I agreed to be baptized when I was over 29 years old. After some time, I received the Priesthood, and some time after that our family were sealed for all eternity in the temple. What joyful events those were. I've continued to study and learn more about the Church, the gospel, and how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ deal with their children. I'm more certain than ever of the truthfulness of the gospel and the restored Church. I'm so thankful for God's love and patience and mercy, which he's shown me by letting me become a member of His true Church. I'm so glad to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I started out slowly, since I didn't know much about the Church and how things are organized. As I learned more and attended meetings, I became acquainted with lots of really good people who helped me learn a lot. I received a calling and accepted it, and had to learn more and do things to fulfill that calling. More callings came and I had to learn more and do more. I enjoy all the callings and being involved in the church activities. "Callings" are opportunities to serve in various positions in the Church, usually extended to us by local Church leaders. Most callings involve teaching one of various classes, and some are in leadership positions. I've tried to share the gospel with whoever I can, but don't like to be "pushy" about religion. I'm happy to answer questions whenever anyone asks about the restored gospel and the Church. I've also started to work on my family history and doing some temple work for my deceased ancestors, so they, too, can have the blessings and benefits of the gospel in their lives. We believe that our ancestors who have died are waiting to have the ordinances done, since they didn't have the opportunity to receive the gospel in mortality, so that they can progress and receive the blessings of the gospel. God is no respecter of persons and loves all His children equally.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Ed Dowdle
When my wife and I were married at first we were married civilly "until death do we part". I've always believed that people go on in life after leaving mortality. But it made sense that the marriage ceremony performed only according to man's law would only last until we leave this life. I often wondered, if religious preachers truly had the authority of the priesthood, why they didn't exercise it and marry people for eternity according to God's laws. Many years later, after I was baptized and learned more about the restored gospel, I learned about marriage that was performed according to God's Law by the authority of His holy priesthood. A marriage would last throughout eternity if the couple continued to be obedient to the other laws and ordinances of the gospel. That makes sense to me, and my wife and I want that for us. One of the blessings of the restoration of the true gospel in its fulness is the restoration of the authority of the holy priesthood. After working hard to learn more of the gospel and get my life in order, my wife and I were married again by the holy priesthood, and received the promise of eternal marriage according to our faithfulness. We have confidence that this will actually come to be if we live as Christ has told us we should. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Ed Dowdle
Members of the Church are asked to tithe 10% of their income, as followers of Christ have been asked to do since the beginning. I think that since everything I have or get comes to me from Heavenly Father, and He asks for 10% of it back as evidence of my faith and obedience, that's a real bargain. I get the other 90% and the blessings of being a full tithe payer as well. Among other blessings are to have the Holy Ghost with me because I'm obedient, to be protected from calamity and to be guided and helped when calamity does strike. Sometimes disasters happen so we have opportunities to learn and grown and also to help other people. Show more Show less