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Hi I'm Shawn

I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have six children. I love football and watching movies and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was not raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). I became a member of the church the day before I left for Germany for two years, not as a LDS Missionary but after I joined the United States Army (but that story is told below). I was born and raised in Colorado and now reside there with my family. I came from a large Italian family and now have my large LDS family with six children. I can't think of anything better I have done in this life than be a father of such wonderful children. They range from 1 to 14 years old. Yes, my wife and I get strange looks for having so many children, but our life has been so blessed in the process, and I would ask her to marry me all over again to go through it all a second time. Currently I work for an industrial pump manufacture that sells units all over the world for mostly oil and gas applications. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University. I have always enjoyed mathematics and science even when I was in high school, so going into engineering seemed like the next logical step. I am very grateful for the path my life has lead, I know and give my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all the wonderful things in my life that he has directed, shown and given me. I am truly a very blessed man!

Why I am a Mormon

I started to gain interest in the church during high school. In those days I had a tight group of friends that came from a variety of different religious backgrounds. There were 5 of us; a Roman Catholic, an Episcopalian, a Mormon, a Protestant, and me. The 5 of us were the best of friends, and still are today. I spent all my time as a youth with my friends, as most of us do. I came to have respect & love for all of their different religions & families. To this day I still call all of the mothers 'mom' when I see them. My family life was not ideal growing up, but no one's ever is. I knew that in the future when I had my own family that there were things I wanted that I did not have in my childhood. Since I had this close relationship with all of my friends & their families, I began to make mental notes of characteristics that I wanted to have with mine own future family. All of them had great aspects that I have tried to use; humor, throwing the ball together, time, love & providing a safe home. But there was something different with my Mormon friend's family, something that I could feel & see every time I spent time there. It was something that I could never forget & always yearned for. After I joined the Army, I realized that there was something missing in my life. While I was in basic training I asked my Mormon friend if he could send me a 'Mormon Bible'. I was informed that the church uses the same Bible that most other religions use, the King James Version. He continued by telling me that there is another set of scriptures that the LDS church uses called the Book of Mormon (BOM). He sent me a copy & wrote his testimony inside. This was the changing point in my life. I read parts of the BOM in basic training & got baptized into the church the day before I left for Germany for a 2 year tour. My life has been a wonderful experience ever since, & I still have that BOM that my friend gave me. It is a special gift that I will always treasure.

How I live my faith

As all members of the LDS church, I have been asked or called to serve. The church is organized of a lay clergy, which means none of us are paid for serving. It is and always has been a blessing to serve. I have helped out in many different ways while I have been a member. Currently I have the blessing of teaching the young boys (or men as they should be called) that are 14 and 15 years old. I am their leader, but they run the way we do things. We have activities that we meet for once a week that they (the boys) have organized, and we all learn and grow from each other. I love serving with these young men and have grown to love them. The worst part is when they turn 16 and move to another class. Besides serving in the church, I also serve in the community, with my wife and children. The last activity we participated in was the cleaning and grounds keep of one of the first high schools in the area we live. My family and I helped clean up the baseball field and surrounding area. It may seem like time out of my day before I start, but every time I finish, the joy I feel is extraordinary. I love being a member of this church and all the opportunities I have and get to serve my fellow members and those of my community.