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Hi I'm Paul

I grew up in Idaho, love baseball, speak fluent Spanish, currently work in financial services, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am just north of 50. I am happily married, have 3 awesome grandchildren and 4 great adult children. I love music and enjoy making my own "smooth jazz" mixes from downloads of songs I have discovered. I love to read, ride my bike, and work out. Its great to live in beautiful state of Colorado where recreational opportunities abound. My beautiful wife and I love to cook, listen to the rain and watch watercolor sunsets. I am in a service related business and love building long-term relationships with my clients who always become my friends. I have been through layoffs, like many people, and now I work for myself. I like to get involved in my community, and I work Fridays for my church as a volunteer. I am also a recently published author, having discovered that I love to write. I like to read self-help books, religious books, history books and sci-fi and fantasy-- LOTR and Harry Potter to name a couple. I adore my grandchildren and love spending time with my own children-- when they are in town, and I especially love spending quality and quantity time with my wife, Chris. We live a pretty simple, uncomplicated, and an extremely blessed life. I am fighting a winning battle with cancer and have great empathy for those who also battle this many-faceted disease. Thanks to the prayers of dozens, if not hundreds, and great medical care, my life has been prolonged. My faith in God is a huge key to my spiritual and physical survival.

Why I am a Mormon

The principles taught in the restored Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter-day Saints) provide my sure, unfailing anchor in a world of shifting and declining values. These principles include honesty and integrity, living by the golden rule, generosity to the poor and disadvantaged, treatment of our sacred bodies, moral integrity, family unity and the eternal nature of families, the power of prayer, faith, forgiveness, repentance, and the saving power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. They also include knowing who I am, why I am here, and what comes after this life. One of the most singular aspects of why I am a Mormon is I can have God by my side daily-- through the companionship of His Spirit-- the Holy Ghost. Allow me to explain. Most adults in the USA are familiar with Star Wars-- vintage 1977. They recall "Ben" (Obi Wan) Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. This film protrays the classic struggle between good and evil in the context of a galactic conflict. Luke's father, as Luke later finds out is Ben Kenobi, teaches him to recognize and use a great unseen power, "The Force", to deal with and ultimately vanquish the powers of "the dark side". This "Force", though unseen, is very real and guides Luke in eventually destroying the "Death Star"-- a large, under construction military base from which the leaders of the dark side administer their diabolical designs against the inhabitants of the galaxy. Luke gradually learns to rely on the Force instead of his human sight and senses. If you want to understand the Holy Ghost, for those who haven't experienced it to a great degree, it is like the Force as portrayed in Star Wars. That is a good way to look at it. i don't know if George Lucas intended that parallel, but it works for me. The Holy Ghost is that unseen power sent from God who guides us, enlightens and sustains us, protects us, and shares his power with us to aid in overcoming the forces of evil-- the "dark side". Life would be very empty without it.

How I live my faith

I am involved at a local level with our church in overseeing the well-being of several dozen families including some widows and divorcees. I help in service projects, scouting, emergency preparedness, assisting the unemployed, donating offerings to help the needy, and helping with the care of our meetinghouse. I try hard to live my life and run my business with integrity-- especially when dishonesty is so rampant. I endeavor to be someone dependable-- whom people can trust and count on to keep my word and follow through on my commitments. Every month, I visit a group of families in our church to make sure their needs are met and to help out when they have projects they are unable to do themselves. I also volunteer weekly in our beautiful temple where special ceremonies, including weddings are performed. I love to be in "The Lord's House", to feel close to him and to help all who come. My wife and I strive to keep our home as a beautiful, pleasant place in our neighborhood. We love visiting with our neighbors and getting to know them. We try to help in improving our community and to live by the golden rule. We live frugally and try to be prepared for the unexpected. We live debt free so we don't have to be dependent on the government or family for our maintenance. Feelings of patriotism and love of country and correct principles run deeply in us. We are grateful to be surrounded by many great neighbors, Christian and otherwise. We love to sing and praise God through singing and have participated many years in inter-faith choirs-- alongside Catholics and non-denominational Christians. I try to live by the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know he lives! He is my best friend. I feel his influence daily. I love the scriptures, the Bible and Book of Mormon. I am grateful for the truths taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is not a doctrine taught in the church that I don't know to be true. I am a Mormon.