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Hi I'm Elyse.

I'm a single mother of six beautiful kids. I work full-time, love to read, and love history and politics. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I tell people I have six kids, their mouths drop open and they say, "What! Six kids! You're kidding!" I'm not! I grew up with one brother and one sister and I always wanted a noisy houseful of happy kids. Well, I sure have a noisy houseful of kids, and I suppose they're usually happy! I'd been a stay-home mom since my oldest was born, but when I realized that my marriage was ending, I knew it was time to return to school and finish my degree. I graduated in the fall of 2010, summa cum laude, with a double major in history and political science. I'm so proud of that accomplishment! While I miss being home terribly, I'm excited to be working and providing for my family. I've seen God's blessings in my life as I've faced the challenges of getting divorced, going back to school and then entering the workforce in this tough economic environment. We've gone through some really hard, trying times - we still are! - but we each have faith that we're doing what the Lord wants us to do and we're going where He wants us to go. Even though I'm out of school, history, economics and politics are still my passions, and I read and learn as much as I can whenever I can!

Why I am a Mormon

As a child, I can't remember ever attending church with my parents. What I do remember is sitting with my dad watching Carl Sagan, thinking about science and the universe and the glory of evolution. When I was about 8 years old, I asked my dad how he thought we all came to be here. He looked at me thoughtfully, his voice got soft, and he said, "I believe that Adam and Eve were placed here on Earth as our first parents." I was shocked! Dismayed! How could my dad be one of "those" people! I thought he knew better! I thought he believed in science, like me! I made the decision at that point that I knew who I was, and I wasn't going to believe in religion. I sometimes went church with friends, but never regularly and I never felt that God was real or necessary in my life (although I did throw a few prayers up to the ceiling when I'd lost something). Later, as teenagers, my brother and sister made some friends who were Mormon. They went to church a few times and to dances and other activities. I was jealous - I wanted to go too! I got my chance the summer I turned 13 and was invited on a three day trip with the youth group. On the last night they held what was called a testimony meeting. As I listened to the kids share their feelings about God and Jesus Christ, something happened to my heart. I started to cry and I had no idea why. I felt beautiful, pure feelings of joy and love. When we came home, I started to go to church and my family chose to have the missionaries come to our house and teach us. Later that summer, after some rebellion, a lot of prayer, and a permanent change of my heart, my brother, sister and I were all baptized. I have never doubted my faith since that day. I know that the knowledge of this gospel is a blessing and I am indebted to my Father in Heaven for granting me the opportunity to have learned it.

How I live my faith

I've had lots of opportunities to work in a lot of different ways in the church. I've taught the tiniest children in nursery, older children in Primary, teenage girls, the adults in Sunday School, and the women. I've served in leadership positions as a counselor and president. I've loved every chance I've had to work and every person I've worked with and worked for! If I had to admit, I'd say my favorite church job has been teaching the adults. I'd learn so much preparing the lessons, and then learn even more teaching it! We'd have wonderful discussions and I would feel that leaping happiness in my heart that meant what we were discussing was truth. I live my faith every day, not just on Sunday. Sometimes my kids and I joke about how many times a day we pray! Every morning as a family, and then individually, over every meal, at the end of every day as a family and again by ourselves. We read the scriptures together every day as a family, and on our own. I try as hard as I can to keep the commandments, to be honest and true, to work hard, and to be the daughter that my Father in Heaven wants me to be. I want to do His will for me, whatever it might be. I feel His love every day, and when I fail or fall, the atonement of Jesus Christ allows me to repent and be forgiven. What a beautiful gift!