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Hi I'm Derek

I'm a mathematician and a scientist (...in college). I have a love for new friends and the peace of outdoors. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently in college, seeking a degree in Math and Physics. This can be stressful and unfortunately saps my time! I am an Eagle Scout who loves the outdoors and treasures the time that I get to go into nature and just relax in the peace and quiet. I love my family, even though there is a complete absence of sisters in my life. I love camping, archery, guns, and any throwing objects that require a target. I love science, but really enjoy the time I get to spend in the lab. I look forward to trying new things, and hope for the opportunity to travel

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I have found no greater happiness in my life; which does not imply that I have not tested it. As I have always been a member of the church, I really never questioned my belief until I experienced the passing of a younger brother when I was of a tender age of 7 and 11 months (for those who understand: I would be taking the covenant of baptism the next month). This brought my first moment of doubt towards what I had always been taught, as I experienced a catatonic fear as to whether my brother (or even I) would exist after death. It was the scariest night of my life that I testify that a loving Heavenly Father answers the heartfelt prayers of His children (though the details are too precious for me to share). My heart was much the same a 1 Nephi 10:17-19. However, I must clarify that my experience that night also assured that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are separate entities. This does not by any means that I was firm to all church teachings from that time forth (especially since this doctrine is not singular to the LDS faith). The only other part that was important for me to know is that God has a living prophet upon the earth. I must confess that when I decided to test the philosophy of a prophet, I used Matt 7: 15-16 as my guide seeking to disprove the worth of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley (for I was a teenager). The test was simple: 1. I followed the simple counsels that President Hinckley gave to see if it would improve the joy/fulfillment I felt in my life. -(always found TRUE) 2. I would then stop following the counsel (if the counsel was small and not life-changing), and carefully observe if that joy suddenly stopped. the 2nd reliably resulted with some hard thumps and the Holy Ghost giving me the "Now do you believe...or will you insist on being miserable?" (advice to all, be wise in this) I know that God has called a prophet today for which we are blessed

How I live my faith

I will live my life with the knowledge that nothing is beyond my reach. In addition, I seek to love every individual that I meet (though I'm weak at remembering names, sorry). I understand that each man is a child of God capable of great strength, honor, and dignity. I know that each woman is a daughter of Heavenly Father with potential to love, uplift, and relieve. Therefore, I love them. Though my studies demand much, I relish in the time I'm blessed to spend in the company of a friend (even those being introduced to my life). There is a slight mourning in me when we have to temporarily part ways. I love the word of God: Everyday has become a feast of "Should I read the testimony of Paul...or should I read the testimony of Alma to the Zoramites...Ooooo, maybe Isaiah's prophecies of Christ...Oh wait, yes, today I shall read the Ensign for President Monson's message...and a little of Paul this afternoon" I still test the teachings of modern prophets (as I explain in "Why I'm a Mormon"), but I am much more believing in my approach. Currently, I am blessed in many ways to serve in the Church. I seek to be available for service opportunities in the community, and I'm blessed to be able to visit a couple of "Sisters" in my ward in the Hometeaching program: an opportunity for 2 men (myself and another "Brother") to visit other people in the congregation to discuss the monthly counsel of the Prophet and to provide help when needed (much similar to what Church's dear missionaries do for everyone they meet). Though shy by habit, I also seek to be inviting (so if you happen to meet me in person, be sure to say hi :)