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Hi I'm Brenden

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! My name is Brenden. I come from a relatively large family of 4 sisters and 1 brother who been wonderful to me. I grew up in mostly Bountiful, Utah and Conroe, Texas. I love to breakdance, wrestle, dive, play basket ball and inline skating. Music has always been a passion of mine and i listen to just most genres. I have a wonderful wife of 3 1/2 years and a two year old boy that might as well be 5 kids rolled into 1. I am self employed and love it. I could water and snow ski 300 days a year and be a happy man!

Why I am a Mormon

When i was 17 years old I noticed that my brother was more happy than i was almost permanently. I decided to ask him why there was such a difference in our lives when i could do pretty much as i pleased whenever i pleased. He explained to me that there were consequences for all of our actions and while i was not doing anything BAD i was not doing anything GOOD. That impacted me a great deal so i decided to put his logic to the test. I read my scriptures, i prayed with a real intent several times a day, i went to church to try to learn. Within just 2 weeks I noticed a difference. As time went on i decided that i should know which of all the churches in the world was right, to me it was logical that only one set of beliefs could be correct. When i was 19 i was listening to a man give a lesson, it was years ago and I do no recall the message being presented but i remember clearly the impression i received that night to go to my room and ask my Father in Heaven what I should believe so that I could do HIS will. I had a wonderful experience as i knelt down to pray that night. I could feel such a strong love for me, more so than i had ever felt previously. I asked my Father in Heaven (God) if He was there, a physical being who loved me. I asked if Jesus Christ was his Son and my brother. I asked if Joseph Smith was a true Prophet called by God to restore the Church that had once been lost. I also asked if the Book of Mormon was true. My answer came in a very simple way, I heard in my mind a simple voice "Yes", and the wonderful feeling that accompanied that thought. I knew that God had answered me, I knew He loved me. A few months later i started serving a 2 year mission in Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.

How I live my faith

I love to serve those around me. It makes my life better and happier to see my wife and child participate in church activities together, scripture time at home, family prayer and even just being with our friends doing good things together. Its comforting to know that we can be so happy and full of love in living a righteous life. I am one of the two men in our ward that our local Leader (we call him a Bishop) in my ward and enjoy it. We get a chance to teach and be an example to everyone in our ward. We spent many hours looking over and trying to improve everyone that resides within our congregation. We spend time visiting those in need, teaching anyone who wants to know about Jesus Christ, and even putting together service projects and ward activities for the well-being of everyone we interact with. We actively participate in the Boy Scout program and other youth programs. Working and dedicating our lives that would make our Father in Heaven happy is a great feeling.