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Hi I'm Robert

I was born on a farm in Ontario Canada. Lived in Mexico and on Vancouver Island before Australia. I became a mormon 32 years ago

About Me

I grew up on a small farm before moving to Mexico with my family. I picked up Spanish quickly and love the Mexican people. have done a bit of Farm work, Construction , had a furniture store, Sold Real Estate and am currently doing maintenance carpentry. I married at 19 and joined the Church not long after and that was a long time ago. We have 6 children and soon will have our 6th grand child. We live on a small property between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. There is lots to fix which I enjoy and we are planting all sorts of trees, I love the fruit that we can grow here, Avocados, Mangoes, Bananas, Citrus and More. Most of the property is just native Bush and we like it that way. We have lots of wildlife which is still as much a treat to watch as the first time we saw them. The grand children like it here and little by little we keep make it more fun for them so they will always want to come and stay. My oldest grand son just turned 7 and wants to build a tree house. I told him we will need to scout the property to find the perfect tree and once it is finished we can sleep in it. He is a bit worried about the tree moving around in the wind. We need his 2 year old Sister to come with us as she feers nothing.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Christian home and went to a Christian school and I will admit I was a challenge to both parents and teachers with lots of conflict. I left that Church in my early teens as I never felt like I belonged. I ended up working in a landscaping crew with about 10 other men. One of them was my childhood best friend and the other was his brother in law who had recently become a Mormon and would often talk about it with the others but I would never get involved as I did not want anything to do with it. Some time later while working as a plasterer, the Missionaries knocked on the door and my wife let them in and told me about it. I thought this will be safe I can listen to them and then when I have learned what I want I will tell them to go. We did listen and I was asked to join. To this day I do not know why i agreed to join but we did talk about the pros and cons after and we decided that if it did not work out we would just quit. We were baptised and had all sorts of reponses from out family and friends. My family thought this would blow over in a few weeks and some of my drinking buddies did not want to be buddies anymore and looking back that was good for me. I had my eyes open wide for a long time looking for faults in the Church. Four years I think it was before I realised that no matter how hard I looked I could not honestly find fault with this Church, some of the people my self included need improvement but the Church is true. From then on I became much more commited and focused on becoming more of what the Church helps one become , namely a better person. Anyone that knows me may say i have a long way to go and that is true but I am much better than I was and or would have been with out all the help the Church has been to me and our whole family. I love my family and again can only give God and his Church credit for the way they and we have turned out.

How I live my faith

After I had been a member for 4 years, I knew that this was for real. I had tried to find fault before but now I was ready to let the Lord make more of me and I was soon working in minor leadership positions and this has gradually increased over the years as my knowledge and confidence grew. I think I was always one step behind with the confidence as I often thought why would the Lord want some one so rebelious as I had been but The Church is full of great examples and mentors as well as inspired leadership. This has been such a blessing to me and the flow on has continued in my family and the community. Instead of being a burdon on society I am now trying to make the world a better place, in small ways each and every day ( most days:) When I was a teen I thought what is going to become of the world if everyone is like me? Now I see the hand of the Lord in my life and that of my wife and children and in the lives of everyone the Church influences and see the good works that continue in their lifes and throughout the comunity and I think if only this Church could be accepted throughout the world then the world would become so nice.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I was very sceptical to start with and was looking for a good excuse to quit so I could go through life with out disciplin and still have a clear conscience. I watched for faults and instead saw the truth unfold. I have been around for a while and lots of ideas and styles go out of fashion or better things are discovered. I have read many things that are from the begining days and years of the Church and they are just as true and applicable to us today as they were then. Study it out, pray about it. Pray with all your heart with real intent and if you are as hard hearted as I was it will take some serious prayer but you will know for yourself. Show more Show less