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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a father, I'm a Christian with a strong testimony of my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I am a Mormon

About Me

I am a married, father of three awesome kids. I love to cycle, ski, boat, hunt, fish and be outdoors and have a black bet in Shudokan, Karate. I grew up mostly in Southern Oregon with my mother and my three siblings. We grew up in humble circumstances due to my father not being in the home, but we were a close knit family. Growing up I played several sports and excelled in baseball and played competive softball for several years on the Alaska Airlines team, but invitation. Bi-lateral rotator cuff surgeries put an end to that. I have coached football, baseball and basketball to the kids in my community and had a great time doing that. Love Maui and hope someday to live there. I have an associates degree and an degree in Accounting. I also have a degree in General Studies and am about halfway through with my Masters in Telecommunications Management. Professionally, I have managed several teams in customer service, installation, strategic planning. I have a background in circuit switching, switch engineering and I current work as a data engineer for a leading wirless carrier here in the US. I am also in business with my brother, buyng our first piece of commerial real esate just this year. I love to sing and music is important to me. It feeds the soul and lifts the heart. If I could do it for a living...I would. I am spiritual and have a great love for my Father in Heaven and in His Son Jesus Christ. I love my family and being a Dad. I am WSU Cougar. Go Cougs!

Why I am a Mormon

Not sure if I chose to become a Mormon as much as Heavenly Father led me to this church. Growing up I read in the Bible that unless a man be born of water he can in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. I got baptized in one church, and for a while thought well took care of that, but it never felt like it "stuck" So I went to another church and got baptized...things felt okay, but then had that same uneasy feeling that my baptism did not count. I asked several ministers about the Godhead and was always steered to the Christian belief of the trinity, but that never made sense to me with Christ referring to His Father as seperate personage. Other questions about the nature of family, why churches baptized babies, babies had no sin. So many things did not make sense and there were no answers in other churches. I dabbled around with the Eastern religions, good teachings, but it did not "feel" right either. Finally I thought religious truth, does not exist, therefore God does not exist and besides what loving God would let bad things happen to people her upon the earth. I started living my life for the moment, thinking I was happy but realizing inside I was not. Not until I started to sincerly pray and not merely ask, but implore to a Heavenly Father I thought I knew, but was not sure, did things start to happen. I met a family who was LDS and there seemed to be something they had that was different. Could not put my finger on it, but it felt good and all I knew was it was good. I started to experience promptings and yes, even some dreams and visions about things I could not and did not know and those things would come to pass. I got baptized into the LDS church after a year of study and many personal confirmations and witnesses of the truth. After that baptism, that uncertain feeling has left me forever. A church should be able to have and teach the truth and the answers I have found here, were not to be found anywhere else I looked.

How I live my faith

One thing I like about our church is that it is a volunteer organization, yet so many good things get done. I serve in the Seattle Temple and have for 6 years now. I have taught in the primary and the adults and although I do not serve as much as many others in the church, give of my time and effort to help others. Time is precious, but when I am engaged in my church calling it seems to be more of an investment, an investment in myself and in others. Being LDS (Mormon) makes me want to be a better father, a better engineer, a better manager and a better person. I know the way I was living my life prior to joining the church was unwholesome. I have come to learn that if there is good there must be bad and I was living life poorly and strongly feel that trend would have continued. My life is different now and I know it is truly because of the church and I try to life my life in such a way that if I need to call on my Father for help or direction, which I have had to do many, many times, He will hear me when I call HIs name.