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Hi I'm Kent

I grew up on Long Island in NY and started my own remodeling company- Kentstruction. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a convert to the church. My parents converted from Protestant to Mormon when I was about 5. I was raised in the gospel with 4 other brothers and a sister. I ended up going to BYU to study zoology (wildlife management), graduated and tried to become a forest ranger but no luck. Ended up working as a carpenters apprentice and then starting my own business. Kentstruction Inc. has been in business for 30 years and I have two of my sons working with me. I am married with three children and 3 grandchildren- Life goes by so quickly. This life is full of tests and then I had a big one. My wife was hit by a car and from complications she died a couple years later. I don't know how I would of handled it or my 11 year old daughter would have handled it, if we did not have the teachings of the church in our life. It is great to know that we are all here for a short time and we will get to be with our loved ones when we leave this temporary home. Anyway- It is not good to raise a daughter by ones self so I ended up finding another great women whom I married. She was my sister-in-law. Her husband had also passed away. The great plus was that my nephews became my sons and my daughter who was my wife's niece became her daughter. Got to keep my great mother-in-law. I took a lemon and turned it into lemonade. Now I get to teach my new family the principles and truths of the church. In fact my new younger son was baptized. Working on my wife, 2nd son & grandson

Why I am a Mormon

I would like to tell you why I am a Mormon. When I was being raised by my parents I went to church with them and relied on their testimony. I didn't even question the truths or principles of the church when I was younger. When I was about 15 the entire family went out to the Salt Lake Temple in Utah (no temples in the east at that time) to be sealed together for the next life and my parents got sealed for eternity. That wonderful experience always stayed in my mind. When I left the nest and went to college (BYU) I had to develop my own testimony. Being out from under my parents wings I saw a new freedom or what I thought was a freedom. I ended up marrying a childhood sweetheart who was Jewish. I only attended church a few times a year for about 16 years. Then an amazing thing happened- My daughter was born. Something in my heart prompted me to get back to church so I could give my daughter the morals and principles that I was raised with. It was at this point (about 37) that I developed a testimony on my own. I would read the scriptures a little bit each night and I would ask Heavenly Father to send the spirit to be with me as I read so I would understand what I was reading and to know that it was true. On many occasions I would feel a warmth and comfort come over me to let me know the truth of the scriptures. When I attend the temple and am taught important principles I feel the spirit telling me the truth of what is being taught. You have to have the feeling for yourself and if you want to know the truth, pray for it, you will receive it.

How I live my faith

I have a job in the church called a "calling" (no pay). Funny how I received the call. One day I was saying my prayers and I asked to learn the scriptures better. The next Sunday the Bishop of our church asked me to come into his office. He then asked me if I would serve as Seminary Teacher. They teach the high school kids scriptures in the morning before school. Now I am learning the scriptures better. Watch what you pray for because you might just get it and not in a way you expect. When I was made President of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry). We would have monthly dinner meetings but no blessing was said over the dinner. I started doing that back in 2000 and until this day we all participate in that. Being raised in thanking God for our blessings and food was done at every meal so it did not feel awkward to say it for the NARI group. They expect it now. I try to live by the principles I was taught. For example: to have the opportunity to pay 10% of my income to the church (called tithing) and to receive blessings from it is so great. Since I have been Active (from 1989) I have been doing this and have been blessed for it. To not shop on Sunday and rest from our labors is a gift from God to us. I look forward to a day of rest to re-charge the spiritual batteries. I look forward to twice a year when a living Prophet of God speaks to us at church conference which get broadcast to all the world. He and other General Authorities (the Apostles) give us current day guidelines on what will help us to live our lives so we can return to our Father-in-heaven. I strive to be honest with my fellow man and help them all I can by doing service(such as teach seminary) and good will projects. I hold the Priesthood and am authorized from God to give blessing to the sick and afflicted (like Christ did). Many employees, family member and neighbors have benefited from this service of love.