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Hi I'm Craig

I'm lucky to be a Mormon.

About Me

I married an angel; am the father of twelve adult children - all girls except eight; am grandfather of 40+ grandchildren - all granddaughters except 20. These are blessings to me and the achievements of an angel. I was educated and worked in Canada as a botanist/ecologist. When the economy went south, so did we. My second career was with research and development for dietary supplements in Utah. I believe in miracles. The miracle of feeding multitudes with a few fish and loaves? Our angel did that for years. We were blessed by the Lord to be able to keep the angel home with the children full-time while I was trying to fill the basket. Inspired by the angel, we had family prayer, daily family scripture study, weekly family home evenings. The kids turned out alright anyway. In the course of my studies and work I traveled much. But of a truth I say there was never anything as beautiful or as majestic or awe-inspiring as being home with my angel, my family, my garden, my home.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the covenant. This means that my parents were both faithful Latter-day Saints and had made Temple covenants before I was born. They were true to their covenants and I was therefore raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But the reason I am still a Mormon is because I make frequent use of the principle of repentance and I am constantly coaxed, nudged, bumped or thrown back onto the strait path by loved ones. Over the years, step by step, I came to realize that all I had been taught is true. God does exist. He is my Father in Heaven. He loves me. Jesus Christ is my Saviour. Covenants I make with God are respected in Heaven insofar as I respect them. The Book of Mormon was actually written by prophets of God. The priesthood authority of God is in fact on the earth and is administered by Apostles and Prophets. These things are marvelous, but they are true.

How I live my faith

To live by faith is to chose to believe in God, believe that He is and that He created all things both in heaven and in earth. Chose to believe that He has all wisdom and all power both in heaven and in earth, and that man does not comprehend all that God can comprehend. To live by faith is to act as though God is my Father in Heaven. To act as though God wants me to happy and by keeping God's commandments, I can be happy. At this stage of our lives, my wife and I are serving full time missions. We have left our home and family, and at our own expense are ministering to people in Bulgaria. We recently returned from a mission in Washington state. When we were very much younger, I served a mission for a period of 24 months, and my wife served several short-term missions. I have worked with Boy Scouts of Canada and Boy Scouts of America. The LDS church has no paid ministry, so I look for opportunity to help when ever I am needed. I have taught many Sunday School classes for youth and adults and served in administrative capacities as often called. This is not a resume, but an expression of how important the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in my life. To embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to serve Him and His children at all times.