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Hi I'm Linda

I'm a Mormon. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I teach music at an elementary school.

About Me

I grew up in California. In my early teens I discovered that I loved music and spent my high school and college years playing my flute and studying music. My priorities changed when I became a wife and mother. I had four children and enjoyed being a stay at home mom. I continued my interest in music but taking care of my children was my greatest priority. Unfortunately, circumstances in my marriage led to a divorce. When I made plans to go into the work force, the obvious choice was to combine my love of children with my love for music. I already had a degree in music so I returned to school to gain a teacher's certificate. I have been teaching music at an elementary school ever since. I am now married to a wonderful man. We have combined our children into a large family. He has 8 kids and I have 4. So far the children have given us 21 grandchildren. Family is what it is all about.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up my family belonged to the Presbyterian church and were actively involved in that church. Religion wasn't something that I remember being discussed extensively in our home but it was a way of life. We attended church, we said prayers over meals etc. I remember thinking about religion a lot and asking a lot of questions. I remember one occasion as a child that I was praying and thinking, that I had a strong impression that there was a pre existence. It was not a concept that we were taught in church or that I had ever considered before. From that moment on, I have believed in a pre existence. At age eleven, I became interested in a doctrine referred to in the Presbyterian church as the Trinity. They believed that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost were one person in different forms. I couldn't believe that teaching. The scriptures said that Jesus prayed to Heavenly Father. It only made sense that they were separate beings. When I was fourteen, I became friends with an LDS girl. One day I asked her what her church believed and I was instantly intrigued to learn that their beliefs were in line with the questions that I had. I was especially interested in the concept of revelation because it seemed to me that if we believed in the Bible, we had to believe that there was revelation from God today. My family was not happy about my interest in the church. My mother was studying to be a minister in the Presbyterian church at that time and she was passionately against the Mormons. I was sad to cause my parents unhappiness but I believed the things that I was learning as I studied the Mormon faith. I didn't join the church until I was 19. I spent a lot of time reading the Book of Mormon and a book titled " A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" and asking a lot of questions before I made the decision to join the church. It is a decision that has been a great blessing in my life.

How I live my faith

We enjoy our associations in the church. I have had many opportunities to serve by teaching classes for children and for adults and by sharing my love of music by performing or leading the singing. My husband loves to cook. We are often asked to organize and provide meals for large groups of people. In October we cook breakfast- pancakes, eggs and bacon for approximately 600 people from our stake. He has a talent for planning it out, having an outdoor kitchen laid out in the church parking lot and making lots of food quickly. It's a lot of work but we have a lot of fun too. One of my favorite programs is called visiting teaching. I am assigned to visit 3 other women in our ward. I go with another lady who is my assigned companion. We visit each lady in her home once a month. Every woman in the church is given a visiting teacher and also the opportunity to be a visiting teacher to others. We share a spiritual message and we also build friendships and look for opportunities to be of service. I have had wonderful friendships develop from this program. I have had the chance to help others when they needed help. I have been supported and loved at times in my life when I needed help. It is an inspired program. It is wonderful to go to church each Sunday. I love to worship with others who also love the Savior. I am uplifted by the strength of others. Sunday is the day that I can put my work aside, go to church, and spend time with my family. When we take the Sacrament of bread and water, we re commit that we will remember our Savior and His sacrifice for us and that we will keep his commandments. I enjoy all the activities in church and in my life but most importantly, I am trying to learn to be a follower of my Savior, Jesus Christ.