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Hi I'm Kyle

I'm the guy in the black shirt, I love basketball, I love my family and I love Jesus Christ and I'm a mormon.

About Me

My name is Kyle Smith. I was born and raised in Utah. While I love all sports, the first love of my life was and is basketball. I would not be the person that I am today without the life lessons I have learned playing on a basketball court-and in the world of sports in general. I love my family. I would not change a single thing about any member of my family. I strive to spend as much time with all of my siblings as I possibly can, and continue to build upon the strong relationship I already have with both my parents. I have been blessed tremendously in the family that God has granted me. Each one of them are my heroes and I make each one of them a part of my life, and am trying to ensure that I will always be a part of each of theirs. I love the Lord above all and am passionate about His gospel. I strive every single day to be like Him. I am a believer in the phrase, "If your not having fun your not doing it right", and I believe that we all need to smile and laugh every day. I believe that every single one of us has greatness inside us, we just need to find it. I believe in pouring everything I have into every single thing I do, and believe that I can accomplish all things that I put my mind to and trust in the Lord to help me accomplish. I am proud to be able to say that "I'm a Mormon."

Why I am a Mormon

First and foremost I have been blessed by the Lord to have been born into a family where the gospel was the center of our home. I would not be the man and member of the church I am today without the guiding influence of my mother and my father. Second to the Lord, they have had the most significant impact on my membership in the church. But no child can rest upon the beliefs of their parents. I am a Mormon because I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know he is my Redeemer, and the Redeemer of all mankind. Like the prophet Nephi, "I glory in MY Jesus, for He hath redeemed my soul from hell." Countless experiences in my life have strengthened my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I have read the Book of Mormon many times, and there is nothing in this world that has taught me more about the Lord, and helped me to come to know Him personally then the Book of Mormon. As I have lived the principles Christ taught, I have felt the things that Christ promised-peace, joy, love, a burning in my heart, and so many more. He has made me a better man, and makes me a better man every single day. I keep all the commandments to the best of my ability because it is my way of showing the Lord that I love Him. There are many more reasons and experiences that i am a member of this church, but the foundation of all and most important one is my love and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and my desire to live with Him again, and be like Him one day.

How I live my faith

This is such a good question. Every single day I am faced with choices and decisions that may appear small but may influence the direction I walk for the rest of my life. I had the opportunity to serve a 2 year mission for the Lord, and upon completion of that mission was able to set goals for the rest of my life. One of these goals was that I would become a better and more Christ-like man every day. I believe that by exercising faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repenting daily, making and keeping covenants by being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost, this goal is possible. By living the things that He taught, better yet, by living the way HE LIVED, and by relying upon His atoning sacrifice I can become like Him. So I try to find ways that I can do good every single day. I try to serve other people in sincere and meaningful ways. I try to remember Him every minute of every day, and try to make sure that I always act like I would if He was standing beside me. I try to love all people, even if I disagree with their opinions and actions. A dear friend and coach once taught me, "Do the things that take no talent." So, I read my scriptures every day, and try to have sincere conversations with God through prayer, day and night. I try to do what He wants me to do, go where He wants me to go, and be who He wants me to be. And at the end of each day, knowing I have fallen short, I repent and ask forgiveness from the Lord and promise to go out and try again tomorrow.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

The Lord commanded them of old, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations". We believe that this commandment has extended to us in the latter days. We have been commanded by the Lord and by His prophets to talk to as many people as we can about the gospel, and invite them to come unto Christ. It is our responsibility and duty to obey. Now having personally served a mission I can honestly say that as a young man or woman faithfully serves, a change comes upon them. It becomes out of love for the Lord, and love for all other people that they begin to teach all people. They want everyone else to have this message, because they know how much it will bless their lives. These are two of the many reasons why we proselyte. Show more Show less