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Hi I'm Nathan

I'm from West Jordan Utah, I am a single man who loves sports, and Mario Kart.! And I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm Nathan Reece, I'm 21 years old. I'm single as of right now. I'm from West Jordan, Utah. Thinking about teaching elementary school. Preferably first grade. My top 3 favorite sports are: football, basketball and volleyball! I enjoy cycling and working out. I'm the youngest in my family which consists of 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters. I am not a mom or a dad! Currently I am not going to school. I am serving a 2 year mission in Spokane Washington. I love reading the Book of Mormon! My humor can be dry at times. I like all types of music. I'm Possibly tone deaf. I'm pretty nice and I'm always willing to talk. I love chick flix, I pretty much like all movies. Water and food are great! They keep me going. Utah mountains are my favorite, mostly because they are the only true mountains I've seen. My favorite color is Blue! I like cars. Mostly sports cars though. I don't know a ton about them. I know they are cool looking. I like to make everyone smile, I love to smile! Several smiles a day keeps the hate away. I like to face plant snowboarding. So I don't really like it, but it happened a few times! I don't usually speak unless spoken to. Unless I am hyper, which is about half the time. I used to dominate at Mario kart because, I haven't played in almost 2 years, so i dont know now. I 've been an uncle since I was in elementary school. I have about 17 neices and nephews! I love em all! Facebook is nice to keep in contact with everyone. Its ok to add me :) I LOVE JESUS!

Why I am a Mormon

Well I grew up in the church. I kinda started to fall away a little bit. I never stopped going to church though. I had a hard time reading the scriptures cause they made me tired! I had a hard time following rules. Then I started getting a little bit more serious in following the rules and going to church. I say rules. But they are also guide lines to gain better self control! Which makes me pretty flippin happy to know I have better self control and prove I have through my actions! Anyway I tried reading the scriptures more. I still fell asleep reading. I started making little adjustments in my life to help get me involved more in the church! So long story shorter. Plus skipping a little. I always kinda felt like the Book of Mormon was true. I figured since I thought it's true. Why do I need to pray about it. I put off praying about it. Later when I was getting ready for my mission I was asked to read all 531 pages in two weeks. I was like ha I haven't read it in 19 years.. How can I do that. But I said "you bet, I will read it in two weeks." I went home and started crackin down on my reading. I read kinda slow by the way. But I ended up reading the entire thing in 9 days! I was like ah I'm finally done, I can stop. But it was weird! I didn't stop, I kept reading. I felt like it was even more true than I did before. I was told a short time later. "Even if you know it's true. get on your knees and ask God in the name of Jesus Christ if it is." (Moroni 10:4-5) and so I figured hey I'm going to put this to the test! so I knelt down and asked Him if it was. I am here to say I didn't get some big sign saying yes it is. But I got a great warm feeling in my heart and I have grown to love reading the scriptures especially the Book Of Mormon! I know that the Book of Mormon really is the word of God along with the Bible! The one thing of advice I would give anyone. Is to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! See how happy it makes you!

How I live my faith

Well I am living my faith! I am serving a full time missionary! I go out and talk to everyone about what Mormons believe! It is pretty amazing! I am so glad There is a living prophet who was called by God! (Thomas S. Monson) I am very glad that I am able to read the Book of Mormon! I love sharing little stories that are in it! I can not choose my favorite story or character. But if I had to. It is between Nephi and Moroni! Nephi is amazing cause he is very obedient and does what ever the Lord asks him to! Moroni who is a Captain of an Army. He is pretty much a beastly man of God! Man I wanna just tell tons of stories about them now. But I wont. I'll leave that up to you to find out by reading the Book of Mormon! When I am in my home ward I was a home teacher. Home teaching is just going out to certain families and making sure that they are doing well and checking if they need help and sharing an uplifting message with them. Though I am also not musically talented I enjoy singing hymns with other missionaries and also congregations. I also love providing service for those in need and those who want a helping hand. I love getting to know people and trying to help them see what else there is to life. But I think the biggest thing I try to do is be an example to everyone around me! Another way I live my faith is by smiling and saying hello to everyone I pass. I am pretty sure Jesus would do the same! I try to represent Christ the best I can in my actions. I am trying to live my faith by working on writing lots of this stuff. (mostly because I am suppose to be familiar with this website and check it out several times a week. and after you have seen all the videos several times I decided to work on my profile. so that is why my profile is rediculously long) my favorite videos that are on here are Jeremy Jones, sarah, Kevin Federson, Dionne. those are some great ones!! I left out quites a few of the others but still they have braught new ideas to my head.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

The atuthority to perform baptism is important for many reasons. One reason I came up with is because, if heaven is so amazing, wouldn't God want the ones obeying all of his rules to be the one to let them open the doors to heaven? That sounded a little confusing. So I'll try to put it into a term most people will understand. If you are driving down the freeway going 85mph in a 70mph (or for those who are in metric 200 kmh in a 160 kmh) and you hear this thing behind you and it starts playing the ice cream music, and the driver is on the speaker yelling "pull over." Then you do. Then he tries giving you a ticket. You probably wont accept the ticket and you probably would say get lost. Because he does not have the authority to give you a ticket even though you were speeding. but now same scenario but you hear the woop woop and see the flashing lights. You probably would pull over even before he asks you to. Then he comes up and gives you a big nasty ticket for speeding. You would probably take the ticket and pay the fine. Why? because he has the authority to give you a ticket. That is why the Authority to do baptisms is important! Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I absolutely believe there is a prophet God has chosen on this earth today! The Bible has lots of examples of who the prophets were at that time. (Moses, Noah, Abraham etc.) Adam was the first prophet. God told him what His will for man is. The Lord gave Moses the 10 commandments. (amos 3:7) God loves and cares so much for us that He WILL NOT leave us in the dark if anything He would want us to find Him! He would leave a trail to find Him. Because that allows US to exercise our faith in Him. The Bibles a huge part in leading us to know of Him. God promised He would never forsake us and also that Hell would never prevail. That means that we should always have guidance from Him. We believe in a great apostasy (rejecting the prophets council, the people even denied Christ himself & crucified him they also killed apostles) The forsaken part again. if your playing a basketball. and Your team is doing good and then you start to lose after the 2nd quarter. and a quarter passes again. still losing. your coach decides to put the starters back in and help out. (prophets) then your team starts to do good. did The other team prevail? did our coach forsake us? No he called those who are important to His success back into the game. Joseph Smith was the one who was called years ago, and today it is Thomas S. Monson the way we can find this information out to be true. Is reading the Bible but specifically the Book of Mormon, because that is the evidence of God calling a prophet today! Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Life on earth is suppose to be fun. We cannot experience fun or boringness without knowing the other. That is why it was important that Adam and Eve both took of forbidden fruit, along with some other reasons. so real quick. pretend life is a roller coaster. you get in the front car and you get buckled and then it starts going. Click click click click (going around for the first corner) click click click click (second corner) click click click click click click (third corner) click click click now your the ride is over. Can you imagine how boring that would be!? We want those ups and downs in our lives because we gain from them. (2nephi 2:25) We live a busy but simple life style. we have our own personal life of taking care of ourselves or our family. we have work, school, family, church. If life was perfect there wouldn't need to be a savior of the world. lets say there are 2 sides in the world Gods, and satans. each decision we make reflects which side were on. we make mistakes. God said if you live these principles you can be on my side I love you that much. But you have to make promises with Me every now and then to show your willingness to follow Me. The principles you have to live are these. 1.have faith in the savior Jesus Christ, and for the debt he paid for you. 2.Repent aline yourself with His will. 3.be baptized 4.receive the gift of the holy ghost 5.do your absolute best stay inline with His will (enduring) that is how we live as members of the lds church. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

God exists. Everything around us including us are His creations. To give an example: My body is incredible! It can heal itself from cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc. My body has so many parts to it that function in an orderly manner. Not only that but it works. There are so many examples of things like this all over the universe and all over the earth. If God really existed why would he just have us here and not lead us back to him. That sounds like he doesn't care. when that fact is we are all creations of God. He has left bread crumbs to find Him. The planets in the solar system and everything on in them, denote there is a God or supreme creator. (Alma 30:44) the things on the earth are here for us to enjoy and use with the right judgement. (to help us learn and experience) The amazing wonders of the world. The way life continues and the miracles of creating a family, or building a house or the plants that grow and produce food for us. We learn that all of this stuff is here for us.(Genesis 1:26-28) God loves all His children. He never has shut the doors to us. These things are here to remind us that there is a God/superior being who loves us. There is absolutely no way that all of this organized matter came from a "big bang" and happened to organize itself. There is no way that just by chance we have a divine love for people. By no chance some how we found technology. It is because God inspires man to bring about these things to bring forth his kingdom. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

We need a savior! The knowledge I have gained to know of these things is from reading scripture, weather it be the Holy Bible K.J.V. or the Book of Mormon, or Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price. I know the savior is the key to unlock all of that. I like another example that we should all know. and that is Adam and Eve. They were the start of people. They were given two commandments (multiply and replenish the earth and to not partake of the forbidden fruit. They broke one commandment which brought sin into the world. This was part of God's Plan. (so we could learn and grow from mistakes) (2nephi 2:25) so we now can make mistakes and grow from them. but we still deal with eternal/temporal consequences. we learn we cant be in the kingdom of heaven if were sinning. so we need someone to make up that debt for our sins. (the savior) We now have someone to be the mediator to help us return and make up the difference we could not pay on our own. (when we learn of this that does not mean we can sin. It means we are now accountable for our sins) When we make a mistake we must Believe that Christ is our savior and the son of God, then Repent (ask for forgiveness) repair and forsake the sin and keep the commandments. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches me what to do with the knowledge of the Savior Jesus Christ. Christ suffered for everyone on the earth. This is the atonement. The beginnings of the enabling power to overcome anything. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The Family is the very most important social unit around. Think about i.. If parents are spending time with each other and with their kids that builds a strong relationship. But the role of the mother is just as great as the fathers. (see "The Family: A Proclamation to the World"). There are so many things that moms can do that fathers can't and same the other way around. One of the first commandments given to Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth. That is one of the most important roles parents have! That is why marriage should be between a man and a women! They both need to take care of their children (Psalm 127:3). What better way to do this than by living and teaching by example. Parents, Mothers, Fathers, your goal is to raise your children the best you can.. right? if not, then you should make it a goal/priority! :D There are so many different roles you can come up with in this case. but because of specific things (mothers give birth and fathers go work to support the family while the wife nurtures children. also as a father you are the patriarch of the home. (though the wife is usually the decision maker) One of the most important roles for Wives is the whole nurture part and taking care of your children, husbands in the LDS church who are faithful members can have whats called the priesthood and can give special care to the family the mothers can't. both roles are completely necessary in God's plan. The home is more likely to crumble without these things. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

We have lots and lots of different messages about things inside of the Holy Bible k.j.v. and also the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and the pearl of great price. But the main lessons or messages we share are centered on Jesus Christ and how he has brought forth knowledge of specific topics such as the need of priesthood authority or what we believe the purpose of life to be and why. The things we discuss aren't meant to be contentious in any way. Actually it makes a lot of sense if you listen and focus on it. Our purpose isn't to tell people they're going to hell or anything like that. We do ask for people to make little and big commitments from praying and reading the scriptures to baptism (Baptism is the first big commitment). Out of everything we teach every single part of it can bring a sense of peace into any ones life, but it's not just the message itself that brings it. It is the part of keeping the invitations to do specific things because it helps build a personal, real relationship with your heavenly father and Jesus Christ. Usually we teach a series of 4 lessons that go through the topics of where this church came from and then the purpose of life then the basic gospel of Jesus Christ which is taught in the bible and the book of mormon and then we go over some basic commandments and why we have them now. The cool thing about these lessons is that they can help lives questions and problems. these really do bring a pure happiness into any ones life. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

I was recently a teenager. I noticed a lot of what girls wore to school or to wherever.. (not really any lakes worth going to in the middle of a city) but i noticed girls in skantally klad clothes. it put thoughts in my head that i dont want in there. is it natural to have thoughts. yeah. does that give me an excuse to lust after or to view more stuff. absolutely not. little things can change the way guys view things. girls your not excluded from this either. look at the world real quick. most teens and college students have viewed pornography and got involved with other things. They think its ok. when its not. look at married couples. they obviously loved each other at one point right? hopefully they still do.. but so many couples will end up divorced because their spouse cheated on them. i bet if you were to go and ask what the main cause was it would start with pornography. Those people who are in jail because they did something wrong. i bet it started with pornography.. Parents please! Teach your kids its bad! Im sure if you were to walk into your childs room and see that they were viewing it. you wouldnt like that. so teach its wrong. talk to them become friends with them so they will be open with you. Girls.. and Guys. dress in clothes that cover your body! (plus it keeps you warmer.) Think about king David.. and Bath-Sheba. That started through a form of pornography. (2 Samuel 11) to avoid it. stay away from bad; movies, clothes, music, pictures etc. Show more Show less

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

Baptism is done by immersion, the same way Christ was baptized (Matt. 3:16). It is also done by the permission from God which is known as the priesthood authority. There was a reason Christ went to John the Baptist. That purpose being because he held that permission to baptize. Christ himself also comissioned his disciples to go forth preaching the gospel and baptizing. We also teach that baptism is for the remission of sins as well. If Jesus Christ was perfect there would be no need for Him to be baptized. Even in Matt. 3 John asks Jesus why he needs to baptize such a perfect person and Jesus in response says :15 "And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered Him." which pretty much means go ahead and do it, I need to be an example and also I need to fulfill a commandment. (needing to continue to FULFILL all righteousness). Baptism is an outward promise to show your willingness to follow Jesus Christ and His Gospel, if you are making a promise with Him, isn't it most appropriate to have one of His authorized servants to do it, to keep the sacrednesss of this ordinance. in symbolism immersion is in representation of the death of your sinful self. and when you come up out of the water it is coming alive in Christ with a promise to keep His standards. (Romans 6:3-6) Little children don't need to be baptized becauase they are innocent. Saved in Jesus Christ. (Moroni 8:9-24) Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

What I believe and understand about the purpose of life. It may vary from person to person but one thing I have always had a hard time with is finding out that purpose. In the Church of Jesus Christ we beleive that everyone has a divine purpose for being here. It can be general at times in understanding. This knowledge comes from the "plan of happiness/salvation" so in short detail I'll go over that and hopefully explain the purpose to you. We are God's children (Gal. 3:26). He wants us to become like Him and return to live with Him(Moses 1:39). He designed this plan for us to acheive that. There needed to be a place for us to learn and grow. Hence the Creation. We are here because of choice. We all have our own choice to do what we want and no one can take that away. We must learn what God wants for us. The Bible tells us there is one path. It is through Jesus Christ.(John 14:1-6) But God cannot live in a place where there is sin (Alma 45:16, D&C 1:31). So we are all kinda in trouble seeing as we all sin. The is exactly why the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ was made. So that we can become perfect as Commanded by Jesus Christ (Matt. 5:48, 3Nephi 12:48). We learn from these mistakes we and others make. The feelings we receive are the consequence of those choices. Righteous choices help protect us from these feelings but since we can't be perfect we just have to keep trying. We are taught to follow Jesus Christ and His gospel. We may return if we learn to follow that plan. Show more Show less