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Hi I'm Wendy

I'm a Mormon. After seeking God's truth and finding but empty dogma elsewhere, I became a LDS in 2011 & I've never been happier.

About Me

I grew up in San Diego, California, the first child of a U.S. Navy career salior and member of a proud German immigrent family. In high school I was an accomplished musician at Serra High School. At age 18, just a month after graduation, I joined the U.S. Army where, I served six years as a combat field medic. After the service, I began to pursue a degree in medicine. Finding myself long on ability but, short on funds; I was forced to take a job rather than finish school. I am 48 years old and this year I will finally realize a life long dream. In 2012, I will return to school and begin working towards finishing my BA and Master's Degree in Social Work. I hope to work in the area of chemical dependency counseling. My husband and I married in December of 2010 and I am blessed to have received a 13 year old son in that arrangement. It's difficult being an "instant mom" of a 13 year old but, it's a blessing I never believed I'd have in this life. My husband has just received a Class A-B CDL and is starting a new chapter in his life as well. We enjoy camping, fishing and laughter. My husband has been a stand-up comedian in the past. We also enjoy our 3 Rat Terriers, music and the beach. One of our goals is to buy a home with property in the near future. We love animals and want horses and to breed quality Rat Tarriers. Life has never been better for us. We are a family built on God, love, laughter, hope, and faith. Mostly, we're a family built on the firm fundation of God's love.

Why I am a Mormon

Since joining the church I've been happy. For the first time in my life I know real joy and peace. My baptism was a difficult event but, it was worth it in ways I couldn't have imagined. I had studied the Bible and bounced from one faith to another over the course of my life. I was baptized on 2 other occasions but, nothing ever happened! I felt no different! I was told that it wasn't about a feeling. I always thought that was true. Until my baptism in the LDS Church. No heavenly choirs, parting clouds or enraptured warm fuzzies accompanied the event. It was quite the opposite. I was so distressed! The Bishop could have baptized me in the name of; the mighty mushroom, the carrot and the artichoke heart and I would have never known the difference. But, something had changed and I was aware of this almost instantly. I'm glad the effects of baptism and confirmation are not based on our own ability. The incredible gift I received was based entirely upon obedience and a deep desire to know the truth. My fears received audience in my mind only and not in our Heavenly Father's. Apparently, reluctant obedience was enough. Since that moment, everything has changed. I've lived 48 years and had a lot of time to gum-up my soul with sin. The difference is astounding. I wake early to pray and read the scriptures not out of obedience, but rather desire. I feel alive for the first time in 40 years. I'm not given to flights of fancy and have always been a scrutinizing skeptic with just a twist of Sinicism to add flavor. I love having the constant influence of the Holy Ghost in my life and consider myself fortunate to have been baptized at an older age. I can't imagine going back to the empty pointless existence I was living before. I'm limited to express the depth of my experience by the confines of language. There is nothing I can say that will add further credence to what I have already said. There are some things that must be experienced for ones self.

How I live my faith

I have been a memeber of the church for almost a year now. Since joining, I've witnessed a remarkable change in my life. I have a joy that I've never known and a sense of belonging to something wonderful and special. I was asked to begin teaching in primary in September, which is much like Sunday School in other churches. The church keeps it's members fairly busy but, I love it and it's a very fulfilling sort of work. Actually, most of the time, any work is acccompanied by a healthy dose of laughter and socializing. Even when we work hard, the pay-off for participating in some service project is far greater for me than the effort I expend. The Church is more like a big family and it's members truly love and care about each other. It's not all work though... We do spend a great deal of time having fun together too. Our ward has various activities and events going on throughout the year. Beyond that, most of us stay in touch with each other over the course of the week and frequently get together for visits or BBQ's. My life is so different since joining the church. I don't just have friends now but, loved family members to call or share with. I used to dred Sundays. I always loved God but, I hated going to church. Now I can hardly wait for Sunday to get here. I have discovered so much more than just another church. I found the truth. The word of God says, a tree will be known by it's fruit. This church does not just preach the Gospel, it's members live it. They live to love and serve others as our Lord commanded. The peace and joy I now know can not compare to anything I knew before I became a member. The truths found in the book of Mormon and knowing that God would not just abandon His children to figure it all out on their own are just some of the things that add to this peace. I never imagined that I would become a member of the Mormon Church. However, today I consider myself fortunante to say, I'm Wendy and Yes, I'm a Mormon...

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon, much the same as the Bible, was written by inspired men of God called prophets. These men, guided by the Holy Ghost, wrote an account of God's interactions with a group of Jews, and their descendants, lead out of Jerusalem before it's fall in 600B.C. The book contains prophetic writings concerning Jesus Christ as well as an account of Jesus' interactions with the descendants of these Jews, whom by that time, were living on the American continent. It supports the Bible, adding further clairity and substantiates the accounts detailed in the pages of the Bible. It is not meant to replace or superceed the Bible, but to lend further evidence to the fact that, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

I have been a member for almost a year now. On May 5TH I will attend the temple for myself for the first time. I've been there for baptisms of the dead and visited the grounds, but it's finally time for me to go for my own ordinances. I have learned much about the difference between sacred and secret. NOTHING that happans in the temple is secret, but almost everything that happens there is sacred. Thus, as the things that happen there ARE sacred and are not to be spoken of in any less than absolute reverence, little is said about what transpires inside. This then being true, very few things of the temple are spoke of outside the temple itself. Husbands, wifes and families are united there for eternity, people receive personel revelation, members are afforded an oppotunity to take a break from the pressures of the world and spend time in our Hevenly Father's house, ordinances for the dead, such as baptism, are accomplished and time is spent in meditation and prayer. The temple is a very special and holy place and just as Solomen's or Harod's Temple of old could not be entered by those who did not believe, so it is with an LDS temple of today. I have prepared for a year to go to the temple. We keep the Commandments and the covenents we made at baptism, pay a full tithe, keep the Word of Wisdom and remain faithful among other things to be found worthy to enter the temple. It is a blessing and honor to be granted enterance to the temple, I am excited to go this May. Show more Show less