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Hi I'm Karie Elizabeth

I'm a hyper, optimistic Washington State native. I grew up being fluent in American Sign Language. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very outgoing mother of a just-as-outgoing five year-old daughter. I love anything that gives me fresh air such as snowboarding, sports, running, dancing, hiking, camping or even taking a ride on my daughter's Big Wheel. I also enjoy reading, watching sports, movies and fun-filled board games. Chocolate is a must-have in my household whether it is covering a fruit or in liquid form at Christmas in my penguin mug. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences in May of 2010, and am now working at a company as an Executive Team Lead that I have been with for almost 7 years. Both of my parents are deaf so my brother and I were exposed to the amazing world of American Sign Language and the deaf culture. I use this skill on a regular basis including in church,work and socially. I am so grateful to be fluent in ASL as it helps others in need and myself to serve others. I have never really been the shy kind, which all of my friends will attest to as social interaction and people are what/whom I care the most about. I love to laugh each and every day and the only thing I enjoy more than that, is doing it for others. I live by motivation and I receive that fire within me through my faith. I really do want and strive to put my best foot forward each and everyday so that I may be a little bit of sunshine for someone on a cloudy day.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Penecostal Christian as my father was a deaf preacher in the church my family and I attended. My brother and I were given the choice at sixteen to continue attending church or to refrain. My brother had made the choice to walk away from faith as he had always been a skeptic. I continued to attend until I was eighteen and was off to college. I attended church on special occasions but never felt that spiritual "tug" on my soul. I knew something was missing. In college I was exposed to many things and with the new freedom of being on my own, had struggled with some decisions. When nothing too horrible happened, I continued on this road and lost my way in my search for faith. I stopped attending church altogether and to solidify my choice, my father walked away from his faith as a preacher and separated from my mother shortly after. I decided to leave college after my sophomore year to collect myself and get back on track. Shortly afterwards, I became pregnant with my daughter and my whole world changed. This little life I was now expected to care for made me immediately grow up and seek for a better life for both of us. I enrolled back into college at twenty-three when my daughter was one, graduating with my BA two years later. Even after all of these achievements and landing a great job, I still felt a spiritual void. Through work I had met someone who was a member of the church and invited me to participate. I attended church that November and was so utterly amazed at how calm, peaceful and joyous I felt all at the same time. This church was different, and I knew it. After some lessons with the missionaries,I had received a book of scriptures as a gift and decided it was time to see what this was all about. I started reading the book of Mormon and asking God with intent, if this was true. He answered every time I asked with no hesitation, "Yes." Eight months later I was baptized with the support of my loved ones, and am continually growing in my faith.

How I live my faith

There are so many ways to participate in your community and your church. Some of the ways I participate in my branch are through Young Single Adult functions where I do community service projects for others, learn lessons, and meet other adults my age through wholesome activities. I also have the privilege to attend baptisms of other new members and share in their moment of spiritual awakening. Also, since I am a mother I am able to bring my daughter to primary classes so that she may learn important gospel principles early on and of course, make some new friends. I learn more and more about myself and my faith through prayer multiple times a day and reading/studying the scriptures. I also pay my tithing and fast offering each month to give back to God for all that He has given to me. There are several classes and resources offered through the church to prepare you for life situations and spiritual growth such as:resume building, job placement, missions, self-reliance,temple preparation, marriage, and institute classes to study the books of the Bible. The most impactful thing I can do to live as an example in my faith, is to attend sacrament every Sunday possible, along with the lessons and implement those learnings in my daily life. I strive to uphold the commandments each day to the best of my ability. I have never been as happy as I am at this point in my life and I owe every portion of it to the church and its principles. I live as an example to my family who are non-believers, that there is a true gospel and He lives within each and every one of us. I hope and am working towards being that instrument for others who may be at a crossroads in their faith or may have had a lack of faith up the current point. I want everyone to achieve the happiness I have because of this gospel and the amazing impact that it has made on my life. I am working towards achieving my eternal family and reaching that ultimate goal of reserving a seat in the kingdom of heaven.

What is being a Mormon like?

Karie Elizabeth
Being a Mormon, for me, is being able to uphold the commandments God has given us to follow to the best of my ability. How I do this is in several ways such as by not partaking of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, caffeine and tea. It is very easy to abide by these commandments if you have total and utter faith in the Lord that he entrusts us with free agency to make the right decison. Things are going to go wrong but these things happen in order for us to grow in our testimony and faith. I trust that no matter what hardships come into my life, it has to go through His hands first. I practice modesty and humbleness through not wearing flamboyent or revealing clothing. This life is not about stuff or things, who has the most or the least in comparison. It is about helping your fellow neighbor through their struggles or even with a slight pick me up of friendship. As a Mormon, we learn to be selfless or to put others' needs above our own. Family is the most important responsibility we have on this Earth and the church prepares us for this important task in life. To raise our families as residents in Christ and followers of the gospel. Temples are reserved for the most sacred of blessings such as marriage, endowments, and vicarious baptisms. The church also prepares you for these sacred moments but we must also prepare ourselves through meditation, fasting, and prayer. Being a Mormon is a privilege and a standard that is expected to be upheld. So work is part of the journey. Show more Show less