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Hi I'm Steve

I love sunny and snowy days. I'm a husband and father. I enjoy being with people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been married to the love of my life for almost 30 years. Our motto has been "a family that skis together stays together". We enjoy skiing and snowboarding with our children, their spouses and our grandchildren. I have taught both snowboarding and skiing part time every winter for the past 22 years. Regardless of whether we have rain, a blinding blizzard or our famous Pacific Northwest "Cascade Cement", we go to the mountains in the winter. Advising people with their commercial real estate issues helps pay my bills. I am one of the owners of my company and have experienced the highs and lows of business over the years. My parents are from small towns in Oklahoma. I was raised in Los Angeles. Extended time with family in cities, on farms and in the mountains has helped shape what I am. Being outside with family or friends makes me happy, although playing racquetball inside stokes my competitive fire and helps me relieve stress. I get a lot of satisfaction solving the family history "puzzle" of my ancestors. Thinking about traveling to warm places to body surf and scuba dive helps me endure the rainy days.

Why I am a Mormon

Lately I have thought about the verses in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon that state that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. Everyone who has ever lived or will live on the earth will do this. I am happy to say that I believe that the best way to show that you are a follower of Christ is to be a Mormon. It is in this church where I find the strength to obey Christ's commandments. I have service opportunities daily. I have have learned to pray and learned how to receive real answers to life's everyday questions. The Mormon Church, LDS Church or the Church of Jesus Christ - gives me a place to practice the act of showing love to other people. My congregation has people very different backgrounds, languages, ethnicities and economic situations. By serving one another, we learn to look beyond all of the stuff the rest of the world defines us by and see the real person underneath. Going to weekly Sunday services where I receive the sacrament allows me to renew my baptism promises that I made to Jesus Christ. It is a time for reflection and a time to learn. Being able to feel his Spirit is an amazing experience and one that I like to try and repeat often. Knowing that my wife, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, parents and other relatives can all be together eternally with Christ is a joyful fact that makes me happy. Life is tough. I make mistakes everyday. However, I know that Jesus loves us and WANTS us to repent so he can forgive us. This daily process teaches us to follow him by striving to be better. Life can be difficult, but using the Lord Jesus Christ to help me get through the low times really helps!

How I live my faith

Today I keep busy serving the members in my congregation or "ward" as we call it. I am the Bishop or leader of my ward. A volunteer position where I have been charged with looking after the poor, the needy and the overall welfare of all 500 plus members of my ward. I spend many hours a week listening to others tell me about real issues affecting them and their families. I help people get through difficulties and help rejoice in their life victories experineced in their life. What I have learned is that if I spend regular time with my family, if I am consistant in regular personal prayer, and if I am consistant in reading the scriptures (I like the Book of Mormon and the Bible best), thatit is many times easier to be obedient to God's commandments. I try and give the same counsel to those that I talk to within the church. Establishing good living habits help me grow my relationship with Jesus Christ. This life is really a walk of faith. The challenge for me is to believe and do as Christ asks. I like to work out and stay in shape. I know that my body would get flabby and soft if I didn't use my muscles. Likewise, I try to exercise my faith so that I can eventually come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and his mission. I have been rewarded. I have seen miracles happen. I have no doubt that miracles happen to others around us often. Bottom line is that I choose to have faith and to believe. As a result, I am happy and often feel of the Savior's love.