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Hi I'm Nicole

I am a legislative employee, I sing, and I have a deep love for Hispanic culture, community, and cuisine. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I smile when I think of all the blessings I have within my life. My favorite blessing is to be a part of a beautiful family with a rich history. Ever since I was little I had a great access to reprinted journals and stories of my ancestors who have gone before me. I try to do the best I can to continue their legacy and be someone my descendants can admire when they look back at read the story of my life. My current family is just my husband and I. We've been married for four years and he is both my love and my sunshine here in rainy western Washington. Together we run an interpreting and translating business. Through him I feel like I've been included in another beautiful family with their own amazing culture. My husband is from Mexico, so I'm working on learning Spanish, their culture, and their social needs. There is much to learn, but I think I'm improving on my Mexican cooking skills! I love to sing. I work for a state legislature. Having my career in public service is a good fit for my life because service is a large part of my personal life as well. I work with girls in the LDS church who are 12-18. Outside of my family this is where my largest contribution to our community is and my great love and passion. There is nothing sweeter than being able to help a girl go through the most formative years of her life. Although we all know life can be hard I know a positive attitude and an eternal insight can help us carry through.

Why I am a Mormon

Both sides of my family have been members of the LDS church since the first years the church was established. Some of my friends think I am only Mormon because I have been born into the faith. The truth is that I believe in my faith. I know it is Christ's church restored and believe in all the principles taught with in it. The church has wonderful programs, fellow members of the church who become lifelong friends, and a wonderful choir but all of these things are only great benefits. What's really important are the truths that I have discovered throughout my life through leaders, teachers, parents, and personal Scripture study. The best part about being a Mormon is knowing that I can pray for answers to questions I have. The doctrine teaches me where I've been, why I'm here, and where I am going. I know that my Savior died, and lives for me. Being a Mormon gives me confidence to live my life the best way I can as a daughter of God. The gospel has been a refuge for me through the storms of life that inevitably come.

How I live my faith

My father has always taught me that I can't go through life just going through the motions. If we're going to participate in something we might as well do it with our full heart. Living my faith means more to me than going to church on Sunday. It's even more than studying my scriptures or personal prayer with my Heavenly Father. It's about more than abstaining from certain drinks or behaviors. To truly believe my faith must be put into action. Jesus Christ himself did more than attend synagogue or live the commandments of God. He is our best example of putting faith into action. He taught others His gospel, He led the way with His example, and He served his fellow man without a second thought. I strive to gain knowledge and strengthen my faith through attending church services, prayer, and scripture study. Then, I strive to share my knowledge by teaching, caring, listening, and serving other members of my community. I know I am a daughter of God, and everyone on this earth is a son or daughter of God so I don't limit myself to only helping members of my own church. Service isn't only strapping on boots and helping clear debris strewn about because of a flood like the Chehalis flood of 2007. It's also about being the first to help a friend in need, whether that means giving a ride, preparing a meal, babysitting children, or listening to troubles. I find as I strive to not only believe in my faith but live it my testimony and knowledge of the gospel deepens. My love for my community and especially the girls I work with who are 12-18 overflows within my heart. Sometimes I am asked to sacrifice my personal time or am inconvenienced when I am asked to help, but the funny thing is that I have always gained more than I have ever given up. My spirit is lifted, my faith is strengthened, and I gain skills and strengths I would have never received if I had decided to learn and keep my faith quietly to myself, watching the world pass by outside my window.