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Hi I'm Shayne

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Husband, Father, Brother, Son and Friend. I am an independant Financial Advisor, Planner and Wealth Manager. Growing up I went to 9 different schools in 12 years. We lived on both coasts and a few states in between. I went to High School in Utah. When I returned home from my church mission to Florida, my parents moved to Egypt. So, I've lived a lot of different places. I went to BYU and later got my MBA from Seattle University. I like to play golf and basketball. I also really enjoy fly-fishing. Currently in addition to working I teach early morning Seminary.

Why I am a Mormon

Most would assume I'm a Mormon because my parents are Mormon. I suppose that is true and I owe a lot to my mom and dad for teaching me gospel principles from the time I was young and for being active members of the church. The reality is that each member of the church needs to build their own testimony if they are going to stand on their own. Living in so many different places and attending school in some places where we were the only Mormons facilitated the need for me at a young age to figure this out for myself. So here's how that has happened for me. First, Prayer. I've been lucky in that I've had prayers heard and answered since I was just a little kid. Whether it was praying that my lost tricylcle would come back or praying I'd make a new friend at my new school or praying to know if I should serve a mission or praying about who I should marry or what to do for my kids or praying over work. Prayer works. Second, Scriptures. I've found them to be a great strength to me and a strong part of my testimony. They are true. They testify of Jesus Christ and his mission as our savior and redeemer. I learned to really love the Bible while serving my mission in Florida and Georgia. I've learned to love the Book of Mormon as I've sought to become more like Jesus in my quest to become "born again". Third, Serving in the Church. Having callings and serving in the church is a great way to strengthen my testimony. Each "calling" and opportunity to serve has provided tremendous growth in my life. I've made some terrific friends at church who share common beliefs and challenges. Fourth, Jesus Christ. Through Prayer, Scriptures and Church service I've come to know Jesus Christ as my savior, redeemer, deliverer and friend. Being a Mormon has brought me closer to him and his plan for my happiness than anything else I could have pursued. Fifth, Living Prophets. God loves us and we need his help. If he used prophets anciently why not now!

How I live my faith

I think I can summerize how I live my faith in three ways: personally, with family and with friends. Daily I try to find time for personal devotions with God. Time to pray, read scriptures and ponder on my relationship with Heavenly Father and my desire to be more like His son Jesus Christ. I also try to attend the temple each week in addition to attending church. With my family we try to read the scriptures every day. We have family prayer morning and night. We strive to hold family home evening once a week, which gives us a chance to share gospel principles, play games and spend time together. With my friends I try to be a good example, serve others and have fun. Currently I'm teaching early morning seminary. My class consists of 24 seniors in high school. We meet each day before school at 6:10 AM. We are studying the Old Testament this year. It is fun. I'm so impressed by our youth. They show up each day, on time and eager to learn. They memorize 25 scripture verses, read their scriptures everyday and strive to live church standards and teachings. I also volunteer with the High School Booster club to support high school athletics; mostly because my son plays basketball. But also because I like the youth in our area and feel like they deserve some of my time and effort to support them. I also enjoy the other parents and the chance to be friends with them.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Why not? If God loves all his children and is no respector of persons, meaning he loves his children equally then why not have prophets today? If we needed them anciently we certainly need them today. Following a prophet gives me more confidence and faith that I'm doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do. The living prophet has provided great direction and leadership on how to be a better person, parent and spouse. Following the Prophet provides safety and happiness. My life has been richly blessed for trying to follow a living prophet. Show more Show less