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Hi I'm Helen

I've had over 25 different paying jobs and many hobbies. Mom to 6, Grammie to 22 with 5 adopted and 2 special needs. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated from college and worked mostly in education and counseling, but also had a great interest in the medical field. I worked in 2 doctors' offices and 2 hospitals while putting myself through college. During the ensuing years I taught kindergarten, 1st and 6th grades, special education, community education and 2 years on a college level. I also worked in our high school counseling office. Other jobs include real estate, secretary, sales, actress and inventor/marketer of my Locker Pocket's product. After marriage, my family was my main focus. My six children and now also my 22 grandchildren keep me busy and happy as we work, play, do projects and serve others together. We love travel, boating, hiking, fourwheeling, and just sightseeing! There is also an artistic side to me, with interest and participation in theater, dance, music, drawing and painting. I like to sew, crochet and embroider. I enjoy writing homespun poems, stories and family history. We have English, Scottish and Dutch forefathers and a Chinese granddaughter. Having a close family with diverse interests brings continued insights and good journal topics! I love the Lord and I love people. I'm ready to express faith, offer a prayer, a hug, to take in a treat or a gift, give advice, offer a personal service or just a listening ear. I hope they feel the sincere charity in my heart. I feel so blessed to have such an enjoyable and well rounded life and to have knowledge and deep faith for the future.

Why I am a Mormon

I seek for goodness and truth and have always found that in Mormon doctrine. We find much goodness and many truths in many places, but omnipotent truth and omniscient goodness is found only in knowing God and his plan. To find those answers is our purpose for being here on Earth. How better can we come to know these truths than by direct revelation from that primary source, God himself. The church founded and established by God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, and then restored through direct revelation in the latter days to God's chosen prophets, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the "Mormons." I have come to know this through reading of the scriptures, prophetic teachings, meeting the challanging ups and downs of life by living the gospel principles, and receiving personal answers through service and sincere prayer. It always has and continues to both a challange and comfort me, bringing better understanding, deeper value, greater strength, patience, faith, happier results and much more knowledge. Each of us is a loved spiritual child of God, here to have an earthly experience leading to an eternal and celestial life. All this is posssible because of Jesus Christ bringing God's plan of salvation to Earth, by teaching and fufilling his atoneing mission, and by our acceptance of it by living His teachings. The Mormon church offers this doctrine in worship services, classes, programs, publications, socials, service and promotion of personal gospel centered living in our everyday lives. It brings love, truth, hope and happiness.

How I live my faith

Faith is manifest in my personal life through study, prayer, and activity, which on a personal level and also through our church organizations. I have had wonderful opportunites to learn and to teach at home and at church. I've taught Sunday school, and in our women's organization, our young children's organization, and our youth organization on both local and extended church levels. I've also had leadership positions in those groups. I participate in church social events and sing in the choir which is a sweet spirit building experience. I have had opportunity to give talks and bare testimony in church in our worship services and on two missions that I have served with my husband in Virginia and Hawaii. I have presented firesides and activities representing certain standards and cultural aspects of the church. Monthly I have the opportunity to join with another "sister" to visit three other "sisters" in their homes to share a gospel message and to inquire as to their well being. This provides an opportunity to help and serve each family in any needed way. I attend the temple to renew sacred promises. I try to share and show the gospel message and spirit by example wherever I am and whenever it seems appropriate to also talk about it. Living my faith with those of my faith is expected and easy. However, in my life outside of church participation and membership, perhaps my true commitment to living my faith comes into better scrutiny. I have many friends and neighbors of other faiths whom I love and enjoy. I know them on a one to one basis in social outings or in community gatherings and orginazations. We've worked together in symphony and ballet guilds, PTA and countless other groups. Our children work and play together. In all of this I try to keep church commandments and standards while embracing the goodness in each person I meet. This way we can learn, love and lift one another as we share our faith by word, and deed - and by heartfelt example.