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Hi I'm David

I was born and raised in the LDS church in Florida. I'm divorced and remarried, and now with 5 awesome children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First of all, I'm really enjoying my life right now here in sunny Southern California. I thought life couldn't get much better than in my 20's and 30's, but now I'm in my 40's and its gotten even better yet. I love to exercise, I run close to 35 miles a week outdoors in the mornings. I've got 5 kids to help get ready and drop off at school or early morning seminary each day. Then I'm working from home, as I do computer system design and support out of my home office. Sometimes I get paged to immediately address system problems in the wee hours of the morning, or on weekends, which is a bummer. But mostly my work is flexible and allows me to participate in my kids lives, and support my wife with all the duties we have around the house. I have really great kids who all work hard at school, are mostly obedient, and enjoy attending church with us. I feel fortunate to have a nice family life, as we are a mixed family situation, where my 3 kids are only with us every other week, and my wife's 2 kids also share time with their dad. Neither my ex-wife nor my wife's ex-husband are supportive of our religious lifestyle, so we feel fortunate to have kids with strong faith who are living lives in harmony with the church standards. I like to read in my spare time, where I split between religious themes (LDS mostly) and science. I do love all kinds of movies, but I've never taken to fictional literature. I much prefer non-fiction, whether religion or science.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because my ancestors made wise and courageous choices to leave the traditions of their families behind, and they followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I continue to be Mormon because, after many years with varying amounts of personal conviction, I've come to know and feel that this church is true. While I appreciate and love the gospel of faith and repentance which is taught every Sunday at church, my testimony is perhaps based more on the deeper aspects of Mormon theology. I have been touched by the Holy Ghost, and its calm yet sure affirmation of truth, but I have also had to seek out a rational approach to confirming the truth. Call me stubborn that way. For most my life, my faith continously hit limitations as my knowledge of and confidence in science grew. After college I decided that I needed to reconcile my faith with science, and I had no idea such a process would span over 20 years. While I understand that there are still gospel truths to be revealed, and science continues to refine itself, I did finally reach 'working' answers which no longer hold me back. Now, when I explore Einstein's theories of relativity, I am moved by the pliability of space and time. I am convinced that God applied His knowledge of these theories when He created our universe. When I explore the laws of conservation of energy and matter, I get confirmation that modern prophets were divinely inspired to declare that God is the great organizer, that He never has created anything from nothing. When I read or study organic evolution, I no longer doubt that I am a child of God. Rather, I marvel at evolution's result--the intelligent mind. And, in conjunction with recent theories of cycling universes, I marvel at the unlimited states of being which evolution should lead to, and which has most likely preceded our own universe. Finally, when I explore the great mystery of love, I fail to find its upper limit, and I'm assured that a loving God does exist.

How I live my faith

I do my best to live my life in accordance with my beliefs. I know I am not perfect, that I have a ways to go yet. I do think Christ lived His life on Earth in part to leave us an example to follow, not just to talk about, so I do my best to follow. I try to be grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with. I consider my relationships with family to be the most valuable of all those blessings, and I have hope and faith that these relationships are preserved into the next life, thanks to the Lord's restored gospel. As head of a household whom I love dearly and feel responsibility, I try to make our home a center for gospel learning. We hold nightly family prayer, morning scripture study (10-15 min./day), and weekly family home evening. We are very active in the church, and have found much joy in that life. I have been asked to serve as a president of a priesthood quorum, which includes men ages 18+. I've had many different responsibilities over the years, and they have all helped me come to a better understanding of why the Lord asks us to live a life full of service to others. In short, I think I have experienced a change of heart, and I've found the best path is to turn our wills to God. Finally, I expect my testimony to continue to grow and evolve over time. I will continue to study the gospel, and I will continue to read my Scientific American magazine, plus many other books. When science delivers bad news, such as the law of entropy, that everything tends towards a state of 'disorder', I keep searching until I can find a silver lining. In this case, 'order' is preserved through God's careful and designed use of energy. I will continue to reconcile my faith with my science, as I also stay true to the commitments I have made to the Lord in His holy house--the temple. I am convinced that God's plan for His children is all about freedom in the end, and I am enjoying an immense amount of freedom now as I live His gospel. I hope you will too.