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I'm the husband of my best friend with 4 kids in Mesa, AZ I collect art, children's books, memories and friends & I love baseball.

About Me

I've lived most of my life in the Intermountain West area of the country. I've had a broad and varied career in politics and government working as: a Congressional staff member both in state and on Capitol Hill; a lobbyist at the local, state and federal levels of government; a campaign manager for statewide political candidates and initiative campaigns; a grass-roots organizer; a corporate government affairs vice-president for a Fortune 500 firm; a consultant on issues related to renewable energy, natural resources and land development and as an elected official. I enjoy government and public policy a great deal, but I'm not too keen on politics. Living where I do, I'm teased a bit about being a Democrat...some of it is good natured. I have four children and a wife I adore. To me there's nothing better than being with my family and enjoying each other's company and laughing over a game of Scrabble. I find great satisfaction working with young adults and watching them negotiate life as they find their own paths. I collect art, the work of Utah painters, mostly, and children's picture books and can often be found enjoying a baseball game at all levels of play...on my bucket list you'll find the goal of attending a game in every Major League ballpark. I've played some great golf courses, but not as many as I'd like to still attempt. When I travel, I first look for art galleries and museums in the towns I'm visiting. And, truth be told, I enjoy watching "The Price is Right."

Why I am a Mormon

Conversion to the Mormon Church happens differently for everyone. Some are taught the teachings of the Church and gain a testimony through the work of Church missionaries laboring all over the world. Some come by their testimonies through the actions of faithful Church members who inspire friends and neighbors by their examples. Others have a yearning to discover who they are and why they're here on earth and as a result go seeking for truth. A testimony can come from travelling different paths. Even those who were born into LDS families and were baptized as members of the Church at an early age, must, as Church members, eventually gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and become converted individually. That's my story. I was raised as a member of the Church in Utah and Idaho. But my belief stretches beyond an LDS upbringing; my testimony is firmly rooted in the various sacred experiences I've had in my life where the truthfulness of the Church's teachings have been confirmed in my soul by the testifying power of the Holy Ghost. These experiences have come as I've gone through some of life's trials such as the death of our 4-year-old son or through the joys of watching my living children find true peace and happiness through marriages performed in LDS temples and who have been richly blessed through their own obedience. I've witnessed, up close and directly, the redeeming and strengthening power of Christ's Atonement in the lives of those who have struggled to find peace in their lives. I've felt the calm reassurance of a loving Heavenly Father as the truth of the Book of Mormon, a second witness of Christ's life and mission, has been stamped in my heart. Collectively, I rely on these spiritual "anchors" to remind me each day that God is real, that Christ died for me and that through the Prophet Joseph Smith the Church of Jesus Christ has been fully restored to the earth. These anchors and the assurance and peace and direction they give me are: Why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

A critical part of the promise or covenant I made with God when I was baptized was to take upon me the name of Christ. In other words, to be a Christian. I try to do this each day; sometimes I fail and sometimes I fall short but often I'm able to succeed in living my faith by living my life as Christ would want me to live. When faced with choices in life, I appreciate the guiding Christian thought, "What Would Jesus Do?" I think first of all He would want me to recognize the good in everyone and to not be judgemental or unkind. I think He would ask me to think of others first. I think He would ask me to obey His commandments. I think He would want me to be honest. I think He would want me to live my faith by serving others. One way we do this in our Church is by fulfilling Church callings or assignments within our congregations since there is no paid ministry in the Church. Currently I work with the Church's missionary program and in the past I've worked as a youth leader for young men, led the music in the children's Sunday meetings and I've had leadership assignments over congregations of young single adults and various neighborhood congregations. Currently, I'm also teaching an evening religious class on Church doctrines. I try to extend my responsibility for service to my community as well by volunteering for different civic commissions and working on different charitable boards. Service is a key to personal happiness in my life and I've found that by reading the scriptures and praying daily and by attending Church each Sunday, my efforts to keep the commandments of God and strive to be of greater service to my fellow man is made easier and much sweeter. As a Christian, that's how I live my faith.