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Hi I'm Regina

I enjoy book club and making family calendars. I’m an elected precinct committee officer in my political party and I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I was born into the Church but my parents didn’t take it seriously. Things changed for me as a teenager when I happened upon my grandmother praying on her knees and decided to try praying myself. My prayer was answered. I tried it again with the same result. I came to believe in prayer as a force for good and kept up the practice. Then I tried and adopted other principles and practices of the Church as well. Now I serve as an organist and choir pianist in my ward (congregation). The Church is a source of choice associations and opportunities for me and also has a positive impact on my inner life. As I've sought to live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and found that they work to my benefit, I've become increasingly certain of the truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose mission is to spread the gospel. It has been an anchor, a refuge, and a beacon to me. Today the Church’s teachings are easily accessible to nearly everyone through missionaries, and I believe anyone who honestly experiments with those teachings by putting them into practice will come to know their truth.

Why I am a Mormon

Tithing carries a promise that participants will have blessings poured upon them. That promise was fulfilled in my life after our family suffered burns in a car explosion thousands of miles from home and our children were hospitalized with uncertain futures. My husband and I found ourselves carless with little money in a strange city on a Saturday, knowing no one in the state, with only the damaged clothing we were wearing. We looked up the name of our Church in the phone book and called. Someone answered and came. Within 24 hours we had clothing lent us, donated toiletries, an apartment to housesit while its occupants vacationed, and a car to use. Then as the result of news reports, money arrived at the hospital for us. People began calling with various offers of help. My husband’s employer transferred him to a job close by so he could work for the month our children were hospitalized. When our son was taken into surgery for skin grafts, his wounds had healed enough overnight to cancel the surgery. When we went to see about our hospital bill, we were told there was none. Insurance paid for our car and the loss of its contents. We found another car we could afford the very day we began looking for a replacement. When we finally arrived home the evening before school started two months later, our neighbor presented us with school supplies for our children. They suffered no permanent effects from the accident except a few minor skin aberrations, most hardly noticeable. Why would we have such incredibly good luck in so many different ways? Pondering that question eventually led to tithing's reference in Malachi 3:10. Blessings had been poured on us. I felt the truth not only of tithing but of teachings from the Book of Mormon, which together witnessed to me the truth of the Church. I continue to be grateful for it and thank God for his love so freely given through good people everywhere. I hope everyone with the desire takes opportunity to find this truth and love.

How I live my faith

Some of the ways I live my faith are by fasting through a couple of meals each month and contributing money for those in need, further giving to humanitarian aid, striving for respectful and caring family relationships, attending sacrament and other church meetings and serving in the Church, living within my means, avoiding addictive substances, daily reading from God’s word, paying tithing and praying often. Living my faith brings me peace and purpose.