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Hi I'm Sarah

I'm a Mormon. Outdoor adventures & opportunities to serve with my loving husband & 5 awesome kids are the joys of life I relish.

About Me

A freckled tomboy who'd rather climb a mountain than sew a dress, I’m married to the love of my life and blessed with 5 incredible kids from preschooler to teenager. Kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, swimming a mountain river or a lake, hiking, biking or running a trail are just a few of my favorite activities. I enjoy a kill whenever I can too-- in the non-violent sport of volleyball! If I’ve got a quiet moment to myself, I enjoy reading or learning something new, playing guitar, writing to clear my thoughts, or composing a ditty only my family will hear. A desire to change the world with international development led to a Masters in Public Administration and then to work as an Area Director for the American Cancer Society. I am now blessed to be a mother full-time. Although my duties include menial tasks like endless laundry and dishwashing, I relish the little moments with my family and I enjoy the freedom I have to help develop their talents and mine. We value most giving our children meaningful experiences such as adventures in the outdoors like a 35-mile canoe/kayak trip last Summer or in opportunities to serve. My dream to return to Central America where I had worked as a volunteer was recently fulfilled when together with our children we served a medical/dental mission in the poor villages of Nicaragua. The mantra I try to live my life by is “because I have been given much, I too must give.”

Why I am a Mormon

My faith boils down to 2 things: God loves me and loving others as I am loved. Though born in the faith, at 15 years old, I questioned my belief and even if I believed in God. I will never forget the answer I felt one dark, lonely night from the top bunk in a runaway shelter when I asked God, “Are you there?” The sudden warmth and love I felt in answer was a feeling as real as a loving embrace. Since then, like a toddler learning to walk, I’ve learned that nothing is more precious in life than my Father in Heaven’s loving embrace. Often in church, through reading scriptures, or in prayer I am edified with exactly what I need or my family needs to face life's challenges. I learn to be a better, kinder, more loving person, spouse, mother, sister & friend. Last year as 3 of my grandparents died, I realized their legacy of faith and love lives on. “Families are Forever” is more than a slogan. I am forever grateful for the legacy of faith parents & grandparents have given me. I find great love, peace and joy in life in living my faith. My faith doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. Each of us are entitled to personal inspiration and miracles. My favorite conversations are with friends of other faiths about core beliefs—Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Bahai-- I love all my diverse friends (& the yummy food they make too)—because we have much to learn from each other as we sincerely strive to follow what we know is right. However, unique to our faith is knowing that God continues to speak today through scriptures, prophets, & personal revelation. I am so grateful to know in this often dark, confusing world of many voices vieing for our attention that we are not alone to figure things out. Each person is promised answers from a loving Father in Heaven. I have searched for truth & God has answered. He loves me so much He gave His son to redeem me. In the Church of Jesus Christ, I hope to be a witness of His love, light & joy.

How I live my faith

Here are some ways I try to live my faith, albeit imperfectly: Learn: I try to study then God’s will through personal prayer, reading & studying the scriptures daily. Create & Find Joy: My day is worthwhile if I can create a moment of joy or find joy in a moment. A few of my favorites include cuddling before bedtime during stories, counting each child’s “5 fingers” of things I appreciate about them, holding hands with my husband, or eating dinner together sharing adventures we’ve had that day. Serve: To find joy & fulfillment in life, I try to serve my family and my neighbors--in the community, church, the world. Whether helping kids with music lessons, making dinners, taking a mission trip to Nicaragua, volunteering together at the local Food Bank once a month, or finding a quiet, unheralded way to help a loved one, I hope to be an instrument in God’s hands serving others. Worship: With no paid or professional ministry, we all get to serve and make things happen! I love my callings working with children in the Church. I grow through the opportunities to organize activities and teach lessons. Recently I helped organize a day camp for girls 8-11yrs. old that included teambuilding workshops, first aid, an orienteering hike, a service project for an orphanage, and a dance performance and skits. At a boy scout campfire I helped coordinate, I looked around at the boys with all the leaders and dads attending and wondered, “Where else can children receive such rich, character developing experiences?” One of my favorite songs asks, “How can I keep from singing?” I'm grateful to sing my worship in word and deed! Love: I hope each day to love as I am loved. My hero is Jesus Christ. He loved the sinners. He gave His life for me. Even though he was constantly interrupted, He never stopped loving or serving! My heart is changed by the love I feel. I will spend my lifetime learning to love as I have been loved.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. We believe in serving and helping the poor, but to truly help, they need more than just a handout. Self-reliance is the goal. Nothing is more satisfying than getting the strength to stand on our own 2 feet, and the welfare program tries to help people do just that. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

God cares as much today for His children as He did the ancient people of Israel. I find a complete & complimentary roadmap to happiness in the Bible as well as another testament of Jesus Christ, The Book of Mormon. Like the Bible recounts the history of people in the "Old World", the Book of Mormon is a record of the people who lived in America before, during and after the time of Christ. Knowing the living Christ becomes so clear through both of these witnesses! For example, as I’ve struggled to raise 5 independent-thinking children, I read in James in the Bible to be swift to hear and slow to wrath. I also learn to let go of my anger or pride and to raise good, happy kids in a conflicted world from the conversion story of a people in the Book of Mormon who bury their weapons of war, then successfully impart their faith in their children. I love the personal stories and accounts in the scriptures of real people and families who struggled with difficulties, conflict and temptations, but who find strength and redemption in a living Savior. Often a scripture I read in the Book of Mormon is just what I need to help me be a better person, wife and mother. This record was translated once by a living prophet, and is written to us and our day. But don't take my word for it. I have read it. I have tried out the things I learn in my home & family. I have prayed and asked God if it's true. God promises he will answer all who read and want to know if it is true for themselves. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Because they don't understand. Just like at one time in this country certain races were called derogatory names, nothing in our religion is secretly scarey or sinful. As followers of Christ, everything we do or try to do is to build, lift, help. "If there is anything chaste, benevolent, virtuous, lovely or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." This is not the creed of a cult, just like the color of skin does not define the character of a soul. There may be splinter groups and individuals that give us a bad name, but anyone who sincerely finds out for themselves will see the good in who and what we're trying to be. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

We love, accept and help ALL people. No true follower of Christ can say otherwise. However, God has made it clear both anciently and through modern prophets that the plan of happiness is for eternal families. How sad that something so beautiful and wonderful as the sexual relations that bring life into the world can be twisted by doctrines of man. I will forever remember the day when I heard The Proclamation to the World in 1995. The media and experts all began to claim people were born were born gay. Thanks to our prophet's words in this proclamation, we know that marriage between a man & woman is ordained of God and that gender "is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose." I love the clarity of this statement! Though a tomboy who as a young girl thought life would be more fun as a boy, I am so grateful to know being a woman is a divine & eternal identity! Just as no infant is born a "robber," no person is born "gay." We were born children of God! There is joy in a loving family and in fulfilling our roles as mothers and fathers. While not all families fit the mold of a loving mother and father raising children together, each child deserves and needs a faithful mother and father. I realized this when my young infants learned and recognized their daddy at only a couple of months old. Marriage is a joyful commitment that lives beyond temporary sexual gratifications, & creates joyful family relations for eternity! Show more Show less