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Hi I'm Bret

I grew up in Kansas and Texas, and finally landed in Utah. I've stayed here for 30 years because of my incredible family.

About Me

I'm a son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a husband, and I'm a father of 5 amazing kids. Three of those kids have married, and we love our in-law children as much as our own. My wife and I raised our kids a stone's throw from where my wife was raised on a dairy farm. Her parents live across the fields, many of her brothers and sisters live around the old dairy. and we maintain all the old family traditions she was raised with. Our kids love them too. We swim at the dairy's swimming pool with all our children, and all our brothers and sisters kids and grandkids. We love where we live, and being close to family. A few months ago, I lost my job. I was sitting by my computer creating a resume, when the screen saver popped up. Pictures of my family over the last 30 years started flowing past me on the screen. I was in tears as I realized, that even though I had lost a job, I hadn't lost the things which were most important to me; my family which still loved and supported me, my faith in Christ and his love for me, and my past experience of hard work and education, were still so real that it carried me through that rough time. I learned that by putting my faith in Christ for all those years, that I had begun to taste the sweet fruit of love which had begun to grow and could be harvested in times of need. I've since found meaningful work, but the knowledge that I already have the things which really matter, stays with me and continues to bring me happiness.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon boy by good parents. Since we lived in Kansas and Texas, I was always a minority faith. Some kids in school and in the neighborhood mocked me, and made fun of me because they didn't understand my church or what we believed. Other people were very kind to me, and treated me with great respect because of things that I did, or didn't do. They learned to trust me, and I appreciated that. As a teenager, my friends who were of other faiths asked me questions about my beliefs. I would study the scriptures to try and find an answer which would satisfy them, and yet accurately describe what we believed. The more friends who questioned me, and the more study I did, the more I realized that the Gospel of Jesus Christ does have all the answers to life's great questions. Now as an adult, as I experience trials in life, I recognize that the gospel helps me make sane, wise choices which strengthen the foundation of my life so when trials come about, I'm not rattled but can proceed with confidence that the Lord's plan is working in my behalf. I have become more and more convinced that the faith I was taught as a boy has all the answers I need as an adult. I understand the plan of happiness that God has for his children, and feel that I understand the role that I should play for my family. The scriptures, the doctrines, the programs, the practices, the teachings of living prophets, all resonate so profoundly in my heart as true, that I don't find myself spending a lot of time questioning my faith. Rather, I try to apply my faith to the problems at hand and move on from there. The fruits of living the commandments, have proven to be so sweet and so real, that it's hard to question them. I'm a Mormon, because it feels right, it explains tough questions, and the fruits are sweet.

How I live my faith

While my kids were growing up, I was their soccer coach and basketball coach, until they got old enough that they needed someone who really knew what they were talking about. All during those years I went to their school programs, plays, sports, and I participated in parent advisory committees, and enjoyed watching them grow and learn. I have worked my whole career in managing technology-based training programs at several high tech software companies. And then on the side, I've participated at the local community college as the chairman of the Program Advisory Council for developmental education. I also organize and support volunteer service projects such as cleaning yards, fixing up broken fences, volunteering in food production services and clothing and food distribution services for the poor. During all of these activities, I try to live as I believe my Heavenly Father would want me to live. I try to be kind, helpful, loving, friendly, hardworking, and happy. I think it makes a difference when people smile, even when they are working as volunteers or struggling on their own issues. I've been asked by my leaders in the church to serve in a variety of wonderful capacities. From teaching classes, to presiding over congregations, I've been blessed by all the free service I've been asked to perform, and do all I can willingly. This has given me chances to work with and counsel with hundreds through the years who have all kinds of problems; including marital problems, addiction, financial upheavals, health problems. And in almost every case, I'm amazed at how the principles of the gospel can help lift and strengthen them, bringing them comfort and peace in every trial.