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Hi I'm Jay

I grew up in Maricopa, Arizona. I enjoy education and sales. I own a financial company. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the "typical" LDS family. You know how it is... 10 kids, stay home mom, hard working dad and a great loving and learning environment at home. Now that we have that stereotype out of the way, I would love to share a little about the real me. All the above is true, and a part of my life that I love, but there is so much more to us as individuals that the world seldom sees. I learned to work hard from my dad. We fixed/swapped car engines, built communication towers, dug gigantic ponds, remodeled buses into motor homes (to fit the 10 kids), remodeled boats, and that's just the beginning! I grew a love for aquaculture and gardening from my father and love and charity from my mother. I'm the type of guy that could stay up all night reading biology books and plant books. I consider myself a nerd, and do so with great pleasure. Today I own my own business in finance...of all areas! I help people change their lives financially and take the necessary steps to build financial independence, get out of debt, and protect their families. I love what I do. Most importantly I am married for eternity (and usually happily so) to a wonderful wife. She is everything to me. Over the 3 years of marriage we have become best friends and we work hard to maintain our relationship. I am nothing with out her. I am grateful to have her as a part of my life. We currently only have 1 daughter of 6 months (we most likely won't have 10... maybe 4 or 5 though).

Why I am a Mormon

Happiness. Happiness is the object and design of our existence. I am a Mormon because I seek to be happy, and strive to learn the necessary changes that we all must make to obtain more happiness. I seek real happiness. The type that lasts forever, much like my marriage. I remember many experiances in life when I felt a deep lasting feeling of peace and joy and I treasure these moments with wonder, amazement, and excitement for the new ones to come. My first experiance of this deep lasting happiness was when I was 13 and had gotten in some trouble at school. After my parents found out, they set me on a quest to understand the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ better... and to write a report on it and give it to them. Needless to say I wasn't all that excited about it. Nontheless, I did it. I don't remember what I was reading, or writing, but while I was working on this report and considering over all my life up to that point, a feeling that I could never descripe in full, came over me. It was a feeling of incredible peace, love, and acceptance from my Heavenly Father. I remember to this day the words that I FELT, and understood in my mind. They were words, undeniably from my Father in Heavenly and they said, "Jay, I know your thoughts and your desires. I love you. You are my son." I knew, at that moment and from there on, who I was. I felt a deep and lasting feeling of love and happiness inside of me. This same feeling, many times with different messages, has brought me to who I am today. I like who I am. I am happy. I also happily seek more happiness. Some people don't agree that guiding your life from an emotion is a good idea. To them I say, I have happiness, real lasting happiness...What's worth more to you than that?

How I live my faith

How I live my faith is a complex expression to present to you. It has to do with so many different facets of my life. It has to do with how I work with my clients in business dealings, how I communicate with my wife and my daughter (not that I am perfect at these in any way), and how I take care of my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical life. The answer is so cliche, so simple that it's hard to understand and you don't understand it, until you do it, and do it with all your heart. I read scriptures everyday, and learn from them. I say prayers with my wife morning and night and say my own morning and night and through out the day, everyday. I work hard, really hard. I have dreams, and I work towards them (it's a big part of faith). I serve others in the church and outside the church. I try to be the best father and dad that I can be and I work and learn to be a better one, daily. I love others, and love myself. I chase after what's real in life, eternal principles, and guide my decisions and goals from it. I spend time with my wife, just the two of us. I spend time with my daughter, just the two of us. I spent time with my family all three of us... and I spend time with brothers and sisters and anyone who wants to be part of my family. I write in my journal and think through deep and important matters of life while I do it. I live my faith, I respect others who live theirs too, and I am happy.