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Hi I'm Jani

I'm a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 5. I live in a household of 4 generations. I did china painting and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a woman, an artist, a retired legal secretary, a widow, a mom and a grandma. I was a secretary for attorneys specializing in entertainment law where I met a lot of famous people. One of them was Paul Newman. I married a man who taught middle school math and we have 5 children and now 5 grandchildren. Eight years ago my husband passed away of a heart attack while saying his personal prayers, It gives us and many others comfort to know he passed away quickly and painlessly while talking to our Heavenly Father. There are four generations of us living together. My mother, myself, my daughter and my grandson. It is great that we all have each other and can support and help each other in our various stages of life. For 12 years I did the ancient craft of painting on china which is an entirely different technique than ceramics. I also created, painted and sewed antique reproduction dolls for several years. That was so much fun; it was similar to having children but without the loss of sleep and changing dirty diapers!! At this point in my life I take care of my mother and love to babysit my grandchildren. I also like to do compassionate service like take dinner to the sick or a family that has just had a new baby. I belong to two book clubs as I am an avid reader. I have done a few quilting projects and hope to do more. I really enjoy the peace and contentment that I have at this stage of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I chose to become one so I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am an only child and when I was 20 I moved to the "big city" where I became a legal secretary. It was during the time of the Viet Nam war and my boyfriend had been away in the Navy for a year and being in a new place I had no friends so I decided I needed to get a life and decided to take up skiing. The ski trips took us to Utah where I came across some literature on the Mormon church and learned about the pioneers settling in the Salt Lake Valley. Before this time I had been raised Presbyterian but could never quite believe in the story of God the father, Jesus Christ the son and the Holy Ghost or Spirit all living in one body. I just couldn't grasp three beings being in one body. I also wondered why if God was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow why he didn't send us prophets like in the days of the Bible. Why didn't we have modern day revelation and scriptures? When I heard that the Mormons believed that God and Jesus had their own bodies and that the Holy Ghost was his own spirit, that Joseph Smith had been led to ancient scriptures in America and translated them into the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost bore testimony that these things were true and I felt as if I had come home. Finding where my Heavenly Father was, that he really is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that I could have a personal relationship with Him through Prayer has given me comfort, hope and strengthened my faith in Him and his son, our savior Jesus Christ and has guided me through life's challenges, knowing this life may not be easy but it's worth it!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to become a better person each day. Jesus left the 99 and went in search of the one so I try to be kind to others, to be sensitive to how a person is feeling and try to help make their life better. I try to keep a happy countenance, make eye contact with people and smile. If someone makes a mistake I try to be reassuring that it's o.k. Once I was in line and a young woman with a deformed and mentally disabled toddler was behind me and I noticed that the child had beautiful, long eyelashes and commented on them to the mother. She had been looking tired and sad and when I gave her child a compliment she broke into a smile and started telling me all about her little girl. Another time in the dentist's office I started speaking to a teenager in high school who looked forlorn and he started talking to me about sports and started smiling. I know there have been times when I have felt down and a stranger's smile or kindness has lifted my spirits. It's amazing how some things that seem so small can change a person's day and then they can pass it on. The Lord takes weak things (or small things) and makes them strong (or big). We can do a lot to make the world a better place by simple, random acts of kindness.