Courtney: Mormon.

Hi I'm Courtney

About Me

I have a huge and wonderful family. I have many spectacular friends who support me in all that I do. I'm in FBLA and I'm president of my high school's Leo Club. I enjoy doing things with my friends when I'm not too busy and it saddens me when the people I love have to endure hard things. I like math, history, cooking, reading and trying out new things. I love the town I'm in. It's full of so many wonderful people.

Why I am a Mormon

I've grown up in the gospel my entire life. I've enjoyed living the gospel which provides me with a sure foundation in a crazy, fast life. In the past year or so I had trouble with my religion. I wasn't as sure of it as I used to be but I kept doing the things I needed to do and prayed for help. At the beginning of this school year my dad gave me a father's blessing. In his blessing he asked Heavenly Father for help in the areas of my life that I was struggling in. He assured me that Heavenly Father loved me and was happy with what I had done. My dad didn't know that I was struggling or what I was struggling with and his blessing assured me that Heavenly Father was in my life and that he really does love me and I'm thankful for the message he gave me.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

Lots of people don't understand our religion. It's confusing when you haven't learned the gospel and lived it so it's easy for people to say crazy things about us when they're confused. I have a teacher who heard that Mormons got married in special underwear and don't allow people to go to our weddings unless they have this special underwear. This special underwear is actually our garments. We receive these garments when we receive our endowments, usually when we go through the temple to get married. These garments are a reminder of promises we made with our Heavenly Father when receiving our endowments and help us to live these promises. It takes simple moments like these to share the gospel in order to relieve people of some of the confusion about our church. All it takes to share the gospel is for a friend to have a question about our religion that opens up a gateway for them to learn about it and it leads to more questions that they will have.

How I live my faith

In church I answer a lot of questions asked during the lessons. I help plan activities in the Young Women's group I'm in which is a group of teenage girls that are there to help us in our times of need and to keep us active in the church. I choose good friends who don't pressure me into doing things against my religion and who will ask me questions about it from time to time. I read the scriptures everyday and pray to my Heavenly Father everyday. I ask him for guidance in this crazy world and thank him for the many blessings he give me which help me realize that even though we may struggle, he is always there for us with just the right help we need to get through it.