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Hi I'm Bonnie

I'm a Mormon, but I haven't always been.

About Me

I have been married for over 35 years and am the mother of eight children. Yes! You read that right--eight children. Being from small families,our parents about had heart failure when we blithely announced after marriage that we wanted to have eight children. I wish I could say that gospel living made raising the kids easy but we had our share of ups and downs, terrible twos and teenage tantrums--often at the same time! Of necessity, my life has revolved around home and family while my husband has been the bread winner. Many days we both have wished we could change roles, but, we've grown tremendously as we've committed ourselves to loving God, each other, and our children. What a thrill it has been to watch the development of each as they grew from helpless infant to capable adult. Our oldest are now parents themselves and are building upon what they learned at home and often doing even better than we did! I've found that it's been the simple things--tried and true--that have worked best. A few firm rules, a simple daily routine, a little discipline and a whole lot of love and understanding. The more I held to those few things, the better I got at parenting and I could laugh at myself along the way when I made mistakes! I knew in my heart that my best effort at that particular moment was sufficient. Sometimes that might be fantastic and others mediocre, but trying and moving in the right direction was what counted.

Why I am a Mormon

A member of the LDS Church asked the missionaries to visit our family. As we were in the process of moving to a different state for employment, the missionaries sent a referral to those in our new home town. As those 2 young men began to share the gospel lessons, I felt a keen desire to know more, and began reading the Book of Mormon. Within pages, I knew that the Book of Mormon was exactly what it purported to be: a second witness of Jesus Christ! I wanted to be baptized and hoped my family would be, also. My parents were slower to accept these new truths, but were baptized after less than 2 months. They had taught me well and made sure I went to church when I was young. That background and discipline provided a good foundation for further growth after my baptism. The lessons from Sunday school and youth leaders gave me an anchor to hold to as I entered my teenage years. I learned to determine priorities, set goals and meet them, had opportunities to give meaningful service and have wholesome recreation with youth who shared my standards and encouraged me to be even better. This saved me from the mistakes and heartbreak encountered by so many teens. I married a fine, upright man who shared my beliefs. Marriage is incredibly rewarding and incredibly difficult. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and belief in the sanctity of marriage, has helped us through those difficult times. We've grown a little wiser, more patient, and listened more intently to the whisperings of the Spirit. I don't think we'd be as close as we are now if it hadn't been for the gospel of Jesus Christ and our membership in the church. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and lived only 2 months after that diagnosis. I am profoundly grateful for the knowledge that families are forever, that love is eternal and the resurrection is a reality and not just wishful thinking. God has blessed me by sharing that knowledge--and I give grateful thanks to Him.

How I live my faith

In our home we have a saying, "Many hands make light work." It's the same at church! I have helped and served in many ways, some formal assignments and others, not. I most often am asked to work with young children. For years I have taught those 18 months to 4 years old. What fun to be their first church teacher. I love how their eyes brighten as we sing "I am a Child of God" or "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." For several years I was a Cub Scout leader. That was about as much fun as any one person can have! There is nothing to compare with the enthusiasm and energy of an 8 year old boy! It's the informal service I find the most rewarding, though. As I grow in love and compassion, I find myself listening a little closer to the things unsaid. Sometimes I can offer a kind word, hug or just a smile. That reaching out to those around me allows us all to knit our hearts together in love. We never know when God needs our hands to answer another's prayer. Personal spiritual growth continues to revolve around those basics we strive lifelong to master: heartfelt prayer and searching the scriptures through daily study. I always feel the closest to my Heavenly Father when I am consistent in them. Small and simple and oh so vital. I guess it is by small and simple things that true and lasting change is effected.