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Hi I'm Dayton

When I was in the Air Force I had the chance to meet people on four continents. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was very little my father moved us to a large cattle ranch in northern California. One day my brother and I went exploring. There was a crevice created by storm water drainage that I did not see until I slipped in. I was only two and a half. I could not reach the top, nor climb out of the hole by myself. My brother could not get me out. He went for help. A neighbor, who lived about a mile down the road, came and pulled me out of the ditch. My mother did not even know we had gone exploring until the neighbor brought us home. All of us need neighbors sometimes. When I was 14 friends introduced me to the Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I discovered its teachings were true and embraced them. I served as a missionary in South America and testified to others what I had learned. Many accepted the teachings of Christ and were baptized. My parents never accepted my beliefs. I served in the military. I was a Vietnamese linguist and a navigator on air transport aircraft. I am a disabled veteran, but have been blessed of God in that I can walk, stand, sit, and run a small business without limitation. My wife and I have seven children, now all grown. I am interested in history and admire the courage of those who have gone before us.

Why I am a Mormon

Ancient prophets who wrote in the Book of Mormon speak to us. Their words are from Jesus Christ. When you open the Book, these words of Jesus Christ will begin to enter your heart, if you let them penetrate. The prophets could see us in vision from centuries past and describe us as a people in the Book. They also testify that God lives, that Jesus is divine, and they verily prove the Bible is the Word of God. The words of these ancient prophets leap out of the page and into your heart as you ingest them, and they testify powerfully of the divinity of Jesus Christ, who we are and what we must do to know him. These words provide comfort and solace. They guide to the source of all truth. They help us know who we are and what God expects of us. There are promises made to those who read and accept the Book of Mormon. These are wonderful promises God has made to all who integrate its teachings in their lives. There are promises of blessing regarding those who follow Chirst. There are also promises from God -- not so pleasing ones -- regarding those who spurn the words and doings of Chirst. This Book cannot be impeached. Its internal content demonstrates it is both authentic (that, is it is of ancient origin, written by those who knew Christ) and is truthful in every respect. No argument ever brought against the Book of Mormon can stand up. It is an impregnable witness of the power of God, and his love toward us. I have read the Book of Mormon many times and have been infinitely blessed by its wondrous messages. I have examined it from most every angle. The Book transmits God's will for his children, and the blessings upon those who will have him to be their God. It can lift you up from despair. You can truly benefit from reading it as I have. I would encourage you to do so. Don't be afraid -- no one has ever been smitten for reading it. But countless people have been benefitted because they believe it.

How I live my faith

I was told by a great man once that life is a continual struggle. Like everyone else, I struggle every day. One cannot live one's faith without knowing that God loves us, and his purposes for us are for our benefit. He truly loves us, but we do not always understand his purposes for us, or why we are required to undergo the problems we encounter each day. I have learned that as we hope, and exercise faith in Jeses Christ, the troubles of this world become more tolerable. I teach classes on Latter-day Saint doctrines and teachings on Tuesday evenings. I visit familes and individuals and try to give them encouragement to confront life's challenges with confidence. I study the teachings of Christ and his emissaries the best I can. I try to show love and consideration for others. However, I must admit my patience is sometimes tested by the unkind or dishonest actions of others. Through the grace of God I hope to one day learn greater patience for the misguided actions of others.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Latter-day Saints do not worship Joseph Smith, but they revere his message, and worship the One who commissioned him, Jesus Christ. In the "Mormon" Church, all things are done in the name of Jesus Christ.. He is our only Savior and Redeemer Joseph Smith is honored becaue he was the one commissioned of God to initiate the restoration of the true gospel of Christ in the modern age. If you respect Christ you must respect his message. If you respect his message, you must respect the messenger. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

A restoration of the true teachings of Jesus Christ was needed because there was not enough accurate information available about God in the world. Even though the Bible is true and teaches many wonderful things, there was a lack of those who could truly speak authoritatively about Christ and his Gospel. So God himself chose a number of individuals, delivered important teachings and concepts to them and charged them to teach others. This process today is ongoing. We now have access to prophets, apostles and many other authorized representatives of Christ who help us understand who we are and what God expects of us. we can learn how to distinguish between false doctrine and true. As we embrace truth, it grows in our hearts to fill us with its glory. Authorized representatives of Christ can act for God and teach us about him with proper authority. This helps us follow Christ without the confusion of spurious teachings which are so prevalent in the world. Being able to grasp pure, undefiled truth is without parallel in the human experience. The Church of Jesus Christ has authorized messengers of God leading it today. The truths espoused by this church are pure and godly. We can learn of them ourselves, and do not have to accept someone else's word for it. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book Mormon proves itself to be authentic. This means its internal truths and content verify its authenticity. No one individual in any age could have authored it. However, one individual did commission it. He is Jesus Christ. He is the principal author, and the central character of the Book. If you love Christ, you will love the Book of Mormon because it testifies of him, it contains his words, and brings us closer to him. It is in reality his book! The proof of the Book of Mormon is in its internal content. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the pudding. If you taste, you can tell whether it is good or not. You may express opinions about it, but unless you personally try it, you cannot tell what it tastes like. So it is with the Book of Mormon. You have to try it personally in order to determine whether it is real or not. One cannot evaluate the Book accurately without reading it and studying it. Nor can one do so based on external opinions about the Book. One must integrate it into oneself to gain an understanding of it. The Book states that is an ancient work, written by people who believed in Jesus Christ, and whose base language was Hebrew. The internal content of the Book demonstrates it is indeed a work of ancient origin. No modern man could have written it! To learn more, read more! Show more Show less