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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm a Sister missionary in the Adriatic North Mission. I love singing, cooking, and learning cool things. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I have been called to serve as a Sister missionary in the Adriatic North Mission speaking Croatian, Serbian, or other regional languages! I will soon leave the MTC for my mission area! I'll be serving mainly in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia. My life for the next 18 months will be all about spreading the good news of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, serving people, and striving to do anything I can to forward God's work on the earth. I love cooking, singing, writing, playing piano, adventuring, learning new things (learning Hrvatski (Croatian) is way, way fun!), studying, telling jokes, and having a good time!

Why I am a Mormon

Because I was born into the Church, a lot of people around me think that I'm just following in my mom's and ancestors' footsteps without really searching for the "truth" about the Church and Heavenly Father for myself. In reality, I've already done that. I've gone through - and am still going through - a process of seriously questioning what it is I actually believe in concerning religion, and I've been searching my heart and asking Heavenly Father to support me as i continue to build on my testimony. This is what I've got so far - I'm a Mormon because the Church is true. It is THE truth, and it holds the answers to all of life's questions that many people have been spending their whole lives searching for. The Gospel is pure and perfect. The Book of Mormon is absolutely real, just as the Bible is, and they have worked together spectacularly in helping me develop my testimony. Anything strange, confusing, dangerous, or "unanswerable" that the world confronts me with has been explained by these books and through prayer to my Heavenly Father. I'm a Mormon because being one has allowed me to understand my purpose in life. We ALL have a purpose and a destiny here on Earth. I also know that there is life, glorious and everlasting, after this one. I've been assured, time and time again, that Christ knows my pains and my sorrows and suffered for them out of pure love for me and all of us; likewise, I can know that Heavenly Father loves me more than I can comprehend. The Church is built on faith, truth, pure love, family, and so much more - it has strengthened me more than I can put into words. And that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am trying to live in a way that brings me closer to God and Jesus Christ every day. I try to remember Them always and credit Them to even the smallest good things, as well as the tough and trying times that help me grow as a person, that happen in my life. I do my best to be kind to everyone I meet and to serve and help out whoever needs me at any time. I go to church for three hours every Sunday. First, I go to "sacrament meeting," which is where I listen to members give inspiring and instructive sermons about different doctrines within the gospel, sing hymns, and, most importantly, take the sacrament of bread and water in the name of Jesus Christ. This is when I remember how Christ suffered for my sins in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, and how He rose again and still lives. I renew my promises to God that I have made about living a good, faithful life dedicated to serving Him and His children, which is everyone, here on Earth. After sacrament meeting, I go to Sunday school, where I sit in a large, adult class and learn more about the gospel, read my scriptures (the Bible and the Book of Mormon), ask and answer questions, and listen to and read quotes from modern-day prophets, apostles, and other Church leaders. Lastly, I attend Relief Society, which is a Churchwide organization comprised of women. We discuss how to better serve each other, our families, the other members of our congregation, and everyone else around us. We also have lessons about Church doctrine, modern-day prophets, and more. When I attend BYU, in addition to going to church every Sunday, I am a visiting teacher. Another girl will go with me, and we will visit the apartments/dorms of two other girls who we look after, serve, and teach little lessons to. Sometimes, we end up just talking and having a good time together for a while. I have visiting teachers who come and visit me, too.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Because we are children of our Heavenly Father, we have the potential to grow and progress to become like Him the same way we as children of our mortal parents on earth can grow up to become like them. This is why Heavenly Father created the Plan of Salvation, or His Plan of Happiness! We are born with mortal bodies on Earth so that we can learn how to use our free will, or agency, to make good choices and do good works, as well as to create our own families. The choices we make in this life determine what our lives will be like after we die. If we live righteous lives and follow God's commandments, after we die, we can obtain eternal life and eternal happiness. We can live with Heavenly Father again, and live with the families we created forever! The purpose of life is to grow, progress, and become better and stronger people as we strive to be more like Heavenly Father, using Jesus Christ as our perfect exemplar. Show more Show less