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Hi I'm Richard Lindeman

I live in Phoenix. I'm an electronics engineer. I'm curious about physics, love to read classic literature and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am interested in just about everything. I love reading everything from classic literature to fantasy. I have listened to over 500 audio books in the last few years, mostly during my daily commute to work. I love physics, astronomy and electronics. I love school and have always graduated with high honors. I even joined Mensa for the fun mind games. I have a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). I work as a test engineer in the semiconductor industry. I also design websites and work with online marketing for a small business. I have a wonderful wife and two very smart sons, ages 8 and 10. My wife is heavily involved in cub scouts and volunteering at our sons elementary school. My oldest son has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) which is a genetic disease that has been a challenge for him physically. The sicknesses, medications, and treatments have been a particularly difficult challenge for our family. I served as a missionary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for two years learning Portuguese and learning to really love the people there. I enjoy playing the piano, skiing, singing, teaching, doing magic, and watching movies.

Why I am a Mormon

I was the oldest in a family that were active members of the Church of Jesus Christ. I never tried drugs, cigarettes, or even R rated movies. The teachings in my home were not really strict, but rather we were taught simply that these type of things lead to effects in life that were bad and it was so clear to me that I never even thought about experimenting. I went to church, took seminary classes in high school and served as a missionary in Brazil for two years. This may sound like a perfectly indoctrinated kid with no real world experience to balance his beliefs. However, I have lived and worked in some of the rougher parts of Phoenix and, more than that, I have seen how people live in parts of Brazil. I have friends who are good people who have not lived the principles taught by the church and I have seen the results. This church is very demanding. They ask for a tithe of 10% of your income, for 3 hours of church each week, for many hours of service per week in various positions. One of the reasons I love this church though is that the teachings make simple sense. I can look around at the way people live and see how living the principles taught by the church create lives that are more fulfilled, more at peace with life, and happier than those who don't live by these principles. Get as much education as you can, be kind to everyone, work hard, build strong relationships, keep yourself healthy, be faithful to your family; these ideas are not just teachings of the church, but make good sound sense in the real world. I am a very logical person, but even seeing the logical benefits of the church was not enough for me. I had to know for myself if God really lived, if Jesus really came to earth and if he really guides a church today through living prophets. I sought after this knowledge, not just by studying scripture, but by asking God through prayer. I have had personal experiences that have convinced me beyond any doubt that these things are true.

How I live my faith

I do a lot of service through different organizations in the church. I have taught Sunday school to adults, little children, and I have taught seminary to teenagers (imagine teaching a group of teenagers in high school stories from the scriptures at 6:00 in the morning and they actually want to be there, it was awesome). I have played the piano for both the little children and adult choirs. Currently, I lead a brotherhood of about 30 men who come together each week to learn how to be better husbands, fathers, and friends according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. This group also goes out each month to visit families and help them in any way they can. We do all kinds of service projects from helping families move, to gathering toys for families in need at Christmas time. More than what I do "at church" though is how I try to live my life every day. I take my family to Disneyland or Yellowstone and build memories that strengthen my family. We go to my sons soccer games each Saturday as a family. We work together to get homework done, to keep the house clean, or to help out a neighbor who is struggling with something. I think one of the most important ways I can live my religion is simply by being kind to everyone at work, on the road, or in our neighborhood, especially when they are mean or grumpy themselves. I think there is nothing more Christ like than simple kindness. We have struggles like everyone else with finances, health, and dealing with people, but the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us an edge. It gives us a support system, it gives us an understanding of how to live to avoid many of the problems in life, and it gives us opportunities to serve others which brings a great deal of satisfaction. I love living the teachings of the gospel because they lead to happiness and I love being happy.