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Hi I'm Monty

I'm a Mormon. I was raised on a cattle ranch in NW New Mexico.

About Me

I am a father of eight. I was raised on a cattle ranch in New Mexico and worked as a cowboy until my family got too large to support on cowboy wages and I have since worked in the CATV and Telephone industries. My job has sent me around the country, from Ventura California to Long Island New York and from the North West Territory of Canada to Abilene Texas. I still get back in the saddle as often as I can. There is something about being on the back of a good horse and setting somewhere near the timber line that makes you feel closer to God. I love working with horses and cattle and still train a few colts when I get a chance. As much as I love setting in the saddle in wild and remote places, the one place I desire to be more then any other, is in the Temple of my God, where the world can be left outside. When I am there I KNOW I am closer to God.

Why I am a Mormon

This complete conversion for me, culminated in 1993 when I had to make a decision one day, whether to turn one way or the other. I had a problem that I could either muddle through on my own or turn to the Lord and a great deal hung in the balance. I will forever be grateful for parents who taught me well enough when I was young, to be able to make the correct decision at this important juncture of my life. I saddled a horse and rode off into the mountains to seek the Lord in prayer. The answer to my prayer did not come while I was on that mountain, but what did come was a realization that I had drifted from my Father in Heaven over the years and I felt that perhaps he had turned His back on me because I had turned my back on Him, by not being as prayerful and I should have been all along. Now came a time when I needed Him and it seemed He was not there. I rode off that mountain rather down and discouraged, but determined to repent and to continue to weary the Lord until I had received the help that I sought. I prayed continually for the next two days. In the evening of the third day, as I laid on the hood of my truck, gazing up at the evening stars, a feeling came over me that was very strange to say the least. It was like a light bulb was turned on and my mind was a glow with an understanding of who it was that I sought in prayer. As I gazed up at the stars and then looked down at each tiny blade of grass, I knew that he had created all things within my sight and even more that was beyond my natural eyes ability to see. That was God. That was my Eternal Father who dwelt in the Heavens. What followed that evening, I hold sacred, but will tell you that from that day forward, I have never failed to pray. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son and I love them. I know that they will never turn their backs on us and when we feel that, all we need to do is to turn around and we will find them there with open arms.

How I live my faith

Living the gospel is always a struggle and was meant to be so. This life is a time for learning, for growing and for development and a time to be tested, to see if we will do what soever thing the Lord commands us to do. In order to do grow and develop, we must exert ourselves. It is much like exercise, if it isn't hard, we are not getting any stronger. I try my best to live the gospel and to teach my children to do the same. The first thing you must have to be able to live it fully and completely, is a love for your Father in Heaven and for His Son, Jesus Christ. If you do not have that, you will fall pray to the temptings of the adversary. I love my dad and I have always tried to do the things which pleased him. So it is with the Gospel. If you love the Lord, you will do the things which please Him. Due to my occupation, I am on the road a lot, but I have always tried to serve in whatever capacity that I am called. Christs Gospel is a Gospel of service and there are many ways to serve, even when you find yourself away from home working a lot.

What is the priesthood?

The Priesthood is the authority to act in the name of God. This authorization comes from Christ Himself and it holds the power to perform the Holy ordinances of that Priesthood such as baptisms and blessings. It can only be exercised in righteousness and for the benefit of others. It should be exercised with love and charity, by those who are worthy to do so. Show more Show less