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Hi I'm Kelly

I grew up first in CO, then in AZ. Until 16 I'd never heard of a "Mormon." Before completing my first year of college, I was one!

About Me

I completed my AA & earned a cosmetology license before having kids. I've been married for 11 years: have three living children as well as 4 "angel" babies. I worked as a hair stylist when my first two children were little, finishing my career with my own small salon. I always said after my third child I would no longer work, so I broke down my business while pregnant with him. How grateful I was for this break after my son was, shockingly, stillborn at delivery. Our little family was hit hard with this unexpected loss. We have struggled over the past three years to accept, understand, move on; now much closer and stronger. We also lost our 4th child; she lived just 4 short hours. Medically, there is no current connection to my baby's deaths. I feel blessed to feel my precious children from time to time: I know they live and are happy, and they are participating in our family. I'm most anxious to be reunited with them, but, it's not yet time! I have three other precious children who need me now (yes, we got a miracle with our 3rd living son.) I cherish being home for them. In the past few years I've picked up sewing, first to dress my unique daughter's frame, then for fun. I love creating! I also love reading & writing -currently trying to get a book together. I want to finish college (1 yr left), but now is not the season for it. Service is important to me so I try to do something for others each week, whether small or large being less significant than just doing it!

Why I am a Mormon

Before I was 16, I'd never even heard of a "Mormon." My family didn't attend church, but a neighbor took me at a young age. I was a lonely child. The Savior, I believe, looks after lonely children, and He visited me in my youth. When at my neighbor's church (protestant), I recognized pictures of the Savior as my special friend. I wanted to learn more about Him, and subsequently went to Protestant churches my entire childhood. When my family moved to Chandler, I enountered LDS kids & quickly learned from my church false doctrine that they worshiped Satan and knew a "counterfeit Christ." It wasn't until my senior year that I began to question this. My church taught that Catholics were hell bound. My best friend was Catholic. I'd shared many dinners in her home and many evenings at her youth group. I knew she and her family were Christian. Then I began spending time with a Mormon boy. I saw his love for the Savior too. I attacked him for believing Joseph Smith's teachings, but he never attacked back. He shared his love for his church. It unnerved me that he could be so calm about such serious matters as going to hell! The summer after graduation I poured over the Book of Mormon & other religious books. I met with missionaries and researched the church. It was a trying time. I didn't understand feelings from the Holy Ghost. I was taught to doubt emotions, so though the Spirit flooded me with love as I studied the LDS faith, still I wavered. I was terrified to lose my friends, church support, family respect. But, I could not deny that the same Jesus I met in my youth was in the Book of Mormon & He was telling me He wanted me to know more. The LDS Prophet invited all who had faith to bring it to the church and the church would add more. No bashing, no anti classes. I knew I wanted to raise my future children with such sound, respectful beliefs. I got baptized without friends/family there. In time, they came back around. I love the clarity and happiness the gospel gives!

How I live my faith

I have served in my church in various capacities. Right now I teach Sunday School to 10 and 11 year old girls. We are studying the New Testament and it's really taught me a lot as I share with them! Last week I taught about the Savior's last days and crucifixion. That was hard. I'm touched at the girl's tender hearts towards Jesus' suffering. I still keep thinking how He called Judas friend even as Judas betrayed Him. Jesus speaks to our potential. I see that I too need to do that with people in my life. I also teach a bimonthly club for girls, called Activity Days. It promotes not only increased spirituality but talents/skills. That takes me out of my comfort zone! But when a quiet girl grows in confidence before my eyes, it's so worth it. I also visit three other women in my church once a month. It's my special duty to look after them. I have a partner who goes with me. We share a spiritual message, if appropriate, and just generally look after each other. I love it. As stewards of these women, we are entitled to special revelation on their behalf - not telling them what to do, but more, what can I do that will bless their lives? I've had amazing experiences when I felt like I should give, do, say something specific, and it turns out to be just what they needed. My best friend, who was there for me most when I lost my children, is a woman I met when I was assigned to visit her. At the time she didn't attend church. She'd never let anyone in her home from church even. But the Lord put us together and in time we grew close. Our kids have grown up together, we're both spiritually stronger now, & I'm so thankful she's in my life. My family recently attended her son's baptism. Being part of such a service oriented church has equipped me with "show up" skills. When a neighbor has a need, regardless of who it is, I know I better show up and do something! Our love for the Savior and Heavenly Father makes us love our neighbors, and to me that's true religion.