Ashley: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ashley

About Me

I am the oldest of three daughters. I grew up in a very small town in Arizona where we spent most of our time in the woods and trying to stay out of trouble. I moved to southern California to attend a baptist university and found myself partying more than studying. I came back to Arizona and I'm now attending a commuity college and applying for the nursing program. In the meantime I work as a nursing assistant in a long term care facility. I spend my free time playing my violin, reading books, exploring museums, and planning the many trips I plan to take around the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I've always thought that just because I say I love Christ and I belive in Him doesn't mean I'll commit to Him. Before I found the church I was lost. I felt empty and alone. I didn't think I'd be going anywhere in life. When I got baptized a whole new world opened up to me. I've never been more fulfilled. I now have members that get me through anything. They support me and keep me close to the iron rod. Although I'm newly baptized and can't answer every question that comes my way. I know in my heart that this church is true. Through countless hours of prayer and the studying I've just begun, I'm strong in my faith. I know that as I continue to apply the teachings of the church and stay faithful God will continue to bless me and lead me to do great things for Him.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I'm stubborn. I had been baptized before in other churches and I remember thinking "I've done it already, why must I do it again?" Once the missionaries had explained to me about who has the authority to baptize and I combined that with my desire to join the church I said, "heck, let's do this." I remember when preparing fo my baptism i was thinking ok, just dunk me in some water and it's done. Oh was I wrong. I never thought that it would be as personal as it was. I got to pick out musical numbers and my favorite hymns to sing, there were talks on the Holy Ghost and the importance of baptism. My family and closest friends were there to witness it. Best of all the person who had lead me to the church and who had been one of my biggest supports flew all the way from Washington to Arizona to baptize me. I remember when I stepped into the water the spirit was so strong! I couldn't have been more excited, or nervous. I think my friend felt the same, because after he said the prayer and dunked me we looked up and the Bishop was telling him he said the prayer wrong and we had to do it again. It was a perfect moment for my humor so of course I looked at everyone and said "Just kidding! I've changed my mind" After our laughs we did it again, but the RIGHT way. After that moment I was a whole new person! I had never felt so amazing and I was glad I could share such a wonderful experience with the closest people in my life. Although, there was a little goof in there I wouldn't of had it any other way. It just made it that much more "MY" baptism.

How I live my faith

Part of living my faith is not just learning about Christ, but becoming like Him. It's a challenging task, but I know that it can be achieved by working on it on a daily basis. I don't have to do something amazingly huge everyday (like healings), but somtimes it's the smallest things that matter. Whether it's just giving someone ten minutes of my time to listen or help a family move. We see Christ through others, and if I can show that love and compassion that Christ has then mission accomplished!