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Hi I'm Rex

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in the LDS church. I was also born and diagnosed at an early age with ADHD. When I wasn't being a handful for my parents I discovered that I loved to draw, read and to use computers. Video games, internet, build or repair computers I love tinkering with them. I have also discovered that I enjoy modelling and painting Warhammer 40,000 models. I went through high school a pretty straight arrow, never went off the deep end or was too rebellious. But when I graduated rather than prepare for a mission I lost my way. I had stopped taking my medication at that time by choice and for most of my 20s I floundered through life. Most folks would say we all did but having ADHD made it even more aimless. Without my meds I had no ambition or motivation, I went in and out of being active in church, I had 2 failed marriages (luckily no children from either of them). But I can honestly say that what kept me going was the testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Of the gospel and of the knowledge of the truthfulness of the scriptures, both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. These things in my life never changed when everything else seemed too. I am now in my mid-30s, happily married for 5+ yrs to a beautiful woman with 3 beautiful children and another on the way. I have been active in church for many years now and have never been happier.

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to be Mormon because it is the surest foundation in my life. Having ADHD often makes me feel very inadequate, I never really seem to fit in anywhere while getting on with others but never really clicking with them. I know that my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ is what got me through my 20s without it I would have been completely lost. I dabbled in some drug use and alcohol consumption but I realized what a waste of time and money it was early on. It was so unfulfilling and I realized that I only ever gained true fulfillment and happiness when I chose to live righteously and obey the commandments. This might sound easier said then done, trust me it's not. Everyday is a struggle to overcome my ADHD. I have to always remind myself that my children love me and my wife loves me and most of all the Lord loves me no matter how crazy and mixed up my head might seem with the jumble of thoughts running through it. That's what really keeps me going to church knowing that no matter what, the Lord loves me, that he loved me so much that he was willing to come to this Earth, to suffer its injustices, its cruelty and ruthlessness by choice. At any moment he could have ended it and yet he endured it all and ultimately took my sins upon himself so that his mercy could meet the needs of the justice of God. Little ol' me, I often feel in my heart that I don't deserve it. That there is too much of a gap that he has to fill for me because every day is a struggle and then I realize that was the whole point. As long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, some days running and others barely making it, he will be there to make up what I can't because he loves me no matter what. Because I am a child of God. Because just like I want the best for my children so does my Heavenly Father and his son, my brother, Jesus Christ. Knowing that empowers me every day to never give up on church cause he has never given up on me.

How I live my faith

I have had different callings at different times in the church for awhile I was teaching a sunday school class full of young junior and senior age teens. Currently I am the audio/video specialist, I oversee the maintenance and use of our ward's media equipment. Specifically, ensuring that the satellite broadcast is available to be watched biannually at our local chapel. I work a full time job as a engineering technician for the federal government whenb at work I try to make an active effort to control what I say at work, not only in my language but also in being non-judgmental of others and their lifestyle choices. I think its working cause there have been times when I have slipped and lost my temper and my coworkers will scold me and say "Rex, you can't swear! We can but not you it's not right!" or "Rex, I just can't imagine you ever having a drink of alcohol ever." In these hard economic times I struggle to make ends meet but I always try to pay my tithing (not always successfully). My wife is a women's youth leader in our ward and so I support her in this calling by caring for our children at home when she is needed at various youth activities. I am constantly in service to my wife and my children, my kids are all under 5 and currently my wife is incredibly nauseated while being pregnant with our fourth. I often come home and try to clean up and help with the kids where I can. Every night I sit down with my children and teach them how to pray and we read the scriptures together. The other day my 18 month old daughter tried to say a prayer at dinner and to hear her little voice stumble out the words "Heavenly Father" was so moving. It is a testament to me of the postive effects that living my faith is having on my family. Life maybe a struggle every day but being active in the church and living righteously in my life has made me feel happier and more fulfilled on a consistant basis than anything else in my life ever has.