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Hi I'm Margaret

I am happy in Everett WA and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I rock as a single mother to an impressive 21-year-old daughter. I am all things to our tiny family: From soothing hurt hearts, maintaining our wonderful/old car, disciplinarian, clumsy cook, gardener, a beginner in canning/sewing - to being the holder of all things dear. I have an unshakable sense of family, community and church. I am well-educated and intelligent. My prior life lovingly relied on my physical strength while working in construction, machining and anything I could work with my hands/body. The feelings during those years were saturated with beautiful exhaustion and such a sense of accomplishment! Working myself physically during these years has given me a deeper understanding of myself. In 2005 all things changed. I lost my marriage, the house, the car and shortly thereafter my Mother; then quietly I lost a bit of myself. It is true when they say that stress can kill you. I was humbled into learning how to be more calm. I am a lover of rich music, the arts and most things others would consider "left field". I am a little different and I look for that in others. Being different is uplifting, but it requires guidance and much support. I would like to be that for others now.

Why I am a Mormon

I would say that I am a fighter, but mostly I am a defender or a warrior if you will. Which is highly unusual for a female, I know. I do not know why I am so passionate when it comes to the welfare of others, but the pull to act on these types of situations are undeniably strong in me. When I was literally in the middle of shaking my fist at the ceiling in my home (I had been diagnosed with many cancers that morning) I yelled out loud: "God, I am sick and tired of this!! How could you do this to us again!! You --- are going to have to come to me, I --- am not coming to you anymore! I am ~done~ with you!" I was sobbing, when --- my front door loudly knocked. I am Scottish and my temper was on my sleeve at the moment. Not a good thing, when it presents itself (which is rare); I threw open the door and there stood three men, all of them young, well-presented and smiling from ear to ear. They took one look at me and their eyes widened, whereas my eyes narrowed - but not for long. I was hit so hard at what I had --just-- said to God, and there He (God) was - in these wonderful young men. It was at that exact moment my heart broke wide open. I was baptized within a month. My life remains firmly planted in family, community and church and now with the addition of being thrilled at finding a peaceful center and grounding in the Mormon Church. I am finally at home with my faith; I knew this from my beginning lessons with the Elders who patiently walked me through all my questions. I know this church is true and welcome all those who wish to find this out, too. Come ask me. I will share my thoughts and all I have learned.

How I live my faith

Of course, every Sunday I attend church, but in a much different way than before. This is where I recharge my batteries. This is where I walk through those doors and sit and wait for that feeling of "home" to come over me, and it does - every time. It is easy for me to be social where most would find it uncomfortable and I am told I am approachable; easy to talk to. I share my heart with whoever wishes to talk and I listen when others need to share. I am a visiting teacher as well and I am still learning how to do all these things. Some of this comes naturally, some aspects must be researched and learned. I am a work in progress and I bring anyone who wants to come along with me, as I continue learning. I am in no way perfect but I live with our Lords gospel and with the help and guidance of my teachers at Church I continue thriving as a much-fulfilled Mormon. I am proud to be a faithful Mormon.