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Hi I'm Melodie

I run a non-profit. I am a theatrical director. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the oldest of 8 kids. I served a church mission in Georgia. I am a puppeteer, a musical theater director, and and avid reader. I love vintage clothing and wearing hats. I enjoy gardening and cooking. I deal with frequent migraines and associated health challenges. I love the outdoors and sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. I volunteer with several local charities and love working with kids and youth. I design, make, and sew clothing, miscellaneous arts and crafts, and I love writing in my journals. I keep 7-8 journals at a time and hope to someday write a book. I enjoy classic old films and listening to music that I can sing and dance to. I am working on a degree in technical communication and religion.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a seeker of truth. Although I grew up a member of the church, I was encouraged from an early age by my father (who has a degree in asian religious studies), to read, study, and know about many different religious beliefs. I was taught to seek for true principles and to meditate, pray, and listen for the Spirit of God to answer my questions. As I have continued to study, I have found for myself, a sure knowledge that this gospel is true. I see so many truths in religions worldwide. I don't think I will ever tire of learning of the beliefs of others. In fact, in many ways I consider myself a perennialist, a buddhist, a taoist, a follower of zen philosophies, a hindu, and in general a part of so many different religious traditions. I have yet to find a religion that does not have truths and value. But despite respecting and seeking to know more about beliefs worldwide, I have a personal witness of the truth of this gospel. My understanding of the wisdom found in other traditions is a large part of my testimony of this gospel. This church is the culmination, embodiment, and gathering place for all such truths. A foundational principle of the church is that we seek after what is real and true. I have diligently sought for the reality and purpose of existence, morality, faith, and understanding -- this church has the revelation and authority that is requisite to truth. I know by personal revelation, study, experience, and sure fact that the power and authority of God are held in this church. I do not understand how anyone can endure the pain and difficulties of this life without having the strength that a testimony brings. I have experienced the atoning power of Christ as I have endured challenges that have stretched me. I know of my dependance upon the grace of God and the sacrifice of Christ. I have experienced the enlightenment that comes as truth is discovered. All creation testifies to me that God lives, God cares about humanity, and God knows who I am.

How I live my faith

The gospel incorporates every aspect of my life. I live my faith by visiting fellow sisters on a regular basis and seeing to their needs. I live my faith by teaching an adult gospel doctrine class. I live my faith by doing my best (albeit an imperfect effort), to set a good example of hope, faith, and community. I live my faith by studying scriptures and praying daily. I live my faith by seeking good books full of wisdom whether they are non-fiction or fiction and then applying the principles contained within their pages to my life. I live my faith by striving for a positive hope when I feel most burdened. I live my faith by volunteering for local community service opportunities. I live my faith by trying to provide clean, family-oriented entertainment. I live my faith by listening for the promptings of the Holy Ghost and then acting upon such spiritual promptings. I live my faith by studying religious texts from other faiths, or reading mathematical treatises -- by seeking the truth, whatever it is. I live my faith by being honest with myself and others. I live my faith by seeking correction and striving to be the best person I am able to be. I live my faith remaining faithful when trials come. Sometimes I feel that depression, darkness, misery, and pain will overwhelm me. There are things in life that I am unable to control and problems that I have which do not go away easily. I experience temptations and negativity. I receive medical advice to take drugs for such, and I have yet to find a solution to pain. I live my faith by knowing that there is a purpose behind what I may suffer. I live my faith by seeing beyond the current situation to the beautiful and the good. I live my faith by relying upon the redeeming Christ to take my burdens from me. The atonement and love of Christ is the most effective means of overcoming pain and depression, medications are not my solution. I live my faith each moment as I find joy, peace, and wonder within the depths of sorrow.