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Hi I'm Marilyn

I am a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher and a Latter-day Saint.

About Me

I love books, talking, sharing ideas, listening, pondering, and being actively involved in life both physically and mentally. Almost every morning I go to my local gym where I follow the “Three S’s Principle”—strengthening, stretching and SOCIALIZING! Being the daughter of a career military officer, I had the opportunity to live in different places and meet people from different backgrounds. I love the uniqueness and diversity of the human race and our planet. We all come from different homes, families, and places, but inherently, we are all brothers and sisters and share a common eternal heritage. I speak Spanish as a second language and have studied German, French, Latin, and Chinese. When I learn a different language it opens a door to learning more about the people who speak it and how they view the world. I love watching my children and especially my grandchildren grow and see them doing so many things I remember doing when I was their age. I delight in LIFE! Life is a wonderful gift

Why I am a Mormon

The principles and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints resonate to the very core of my being. I am what I believe and no other theology, belief system, nor religion encompasses what I believe better than the Mormon faith. I am a student of the scriptures and I love patterns and seeing that God loves all His children. He is fair, just and impartial; He is no respecter of persons. He would not condemn one person to heaven and another to damnation because he or she never had the opportunity to learn and know of Jesus Christ in this short mortal lifespan. The gospel of Jesus Christ answers so many questions and gives me a framework to see the bigger picture. I love jigsaw puzzles and when I pick up a puzzle piece, I refer to the picture on the front of box to figure out where that piece goes and then I try to make it fit. In life I see a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces, but where is the picture that helps me put the pieces together? I believe one can gain an understanding of why we came to earth, what is our purpose here and what is our eternal destiny by “coming and seeing” as Christ invited his disciples to do the doctrines and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I became converted to the restored Church of Jesus Christ by studying the words of the scriptures (The Book of Mormon, The Bible, etc.) and by praying and asking if these words were true. I listened to living prophets and felt the power of their words sink deep into my heart and mind. Their words reverberated with my soul and harmonized and agreed with what I have always believed. My faith is based on knowledge and sacred spiritual experiences. I am a Latter-day Saint because there is more truth here than anywhere else I have looked and I have searched!

How I live my faith

Every day I pray morning and night, every Sabbath I keep it holy by partaking of the Lord’s communion, the sacrament, and renewing covenants I made at baptism, every moment I keep Christ at the center of my thoughts and actions. When I make mistakes and do things I wish I hadn’t, I repent and call upon the atonement of Jesus Christ to cleanse me. Mostly, I try to be kind and treat everyone with respect, honesty, tolerance, and love.