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Hi I'm Bekah

I'm a Senior in High School. I'm a writer and singer. I volunteer a lot, currently with Invisible Children. And I'm a mormon.

About Me

As with every one in this world, I've had some hard knocks. When I was six, my parents got a divorce. It was very obvious my mother was unfit to take care of us, yet we were in her custody for a whole summer plus some. While in her custody, my brother and I were abused every way a child can be abused. The only reason she wanted custody was for the child support my dad would pay her. When she didn't get that, she abandoned us. My dad was excommunicated a while ago and has yet to be rebaptized. This hurts me a lot, as he can't hold the priesthood. It makes a huge difference in a person and their home. My brother holds the priesthood, though, as a teacher. Most of my friends have both parents and are able to go to them for anything. My dad and step mom are getting divorced, I haven't talked to my mother since 2007, and I have to ask others for things my dad is spiritually lacking in. It's pretty painful stuff. But I know it has made me a much stronger person for it. I know that Heavenly Father has given us these challenges to help us to grow and become more like Him. I love Him for the obstacles. I know that because of my experiences I will be better able to serve my fellow men. That's why I am always giving service. Because no one deserves to be left out to dry. My life centers around Christ and his wonderful church. I love both him and my Father in Heaven more than anything else. They have given me more than I could ever hope to pay back. It always makes me happy to know.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the church of latter-day saints because this church is the only philosophy that could possibly work. It's the only one that doesn't have huge, gaping holes filled in by a “trust the Lord” blah blah speech. I have a pretty logical type brain. I have looked at this subject from several different perspectives. Mythology being one of the main ones. Most myths are seen as true accounts of history in many cultures. I find this interesting, as there are a lot of myths out there that describe the same event or person. Christopher Columbus was honored because of his white face. How could this be- if they had never seen such a person? Could they have even imagined a white person? The Book of Mormon describes the Savior's visit to the Americas. He promised he would return. Those people retained that memory in their mythology. There are still many peoples who know nothing of modern civilization. Most of these people are located in the South American jungle. I am quite sure some those peoples have mythologies that point straight to the truth- if only we could contact them. There have been times in my life that I haven't really cared much for the church. I didn't feel anything for it. Oddly enough, though, I have never found a good enough reason to not believe the church. In fact, when I tried to find things to disprove it I only proved the truth more to myself. Logically, there is no way this church can't be true. If this church wasn't true- nothing would be true. Nothing would be possible. All the philosophies, all the mythologies, all the gifts of nature, everyone on this earth. None of this could be possible. Some say science disproves the idea of a God. Science only amplifies the truth, though. The earth took 6 thousand years to make- 6 days to God. The earth was once a mass of water- the flood. Earthquakes- the several times walls fell down in the scriptures. On top of all that- I know in my heart that this church is true. I belive and I stand strong.

How I live my faith

I am a member missionary who works very hard to love and tolerate everyone. I live the standards(Strength of Youth) as part of my everyday life. It is actually hard for my to disobey- I've tried. My non-member friends or my natural personality have stopped me every time I wanted to do something like that. And since then I've realized how stupid it would've been for me to try whatever I was planning to do.