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Hi I'm Jennifer

I grew up in Denver.I have 3 siblings,mom&dad,a chicken,rooster,bunny,dog,a Savior,a Witness,Heavenly Parents & I AM A MORMON.

About Me

My name is Jennifer & I am 22 years old. I have a mom, dad, & three younger siblings. I have grown up in Colorado my entire LIFE. I was raised Baptist but after my parents divorced, we all had stopped attending church. 6 years later, 4 years ago, except for my dad, we were Baptized. However, not understanding the importance of Baptism, I soon became completely inactive. A year later, every Sunday, I started to attend different churches. Budd., Luth., Bap., Com., Metho., & many more. Although, I felt the Spirit in each one of these congregations, I knew I was not where I was supposed to be. 2 years ago, I started to attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints once MORE. I began to feel the Spirit Return to me & Noticed the Promptings of the Holy Ghost. I knew these people were Good Trust-Worthy Friends & ever since, I have Felt the Spirit MORE ABUNDANTLY & FULLFILLING. Oh So Much MORE! I am Still learning SOOO MUCH about the GOSPEL & the WONDERFUL MYSTERIES of Our LORD. I have found the Book of MORMON to Be the tRUE WORD of GOD through; PRAYER, FASTING, & OBEYING All of the Commandments. I LOVE to Knit, Crochet, Read my Scriptures, Listen to Amazing Music, & Help Others when I am given the opportunity. At this point in my LIFE, I am in the process of leaving on a MISSION to Guayaquil, Ecuador with an opportunity of serving the LORD with all of My HEART, MIGHT, MIND, & STRENGH. I can only HOPE and Do to Do My Very Best!

Why I am a Mormon

The reason I am a MORMON is because I have had a Personal Witness that; The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints is the Restored Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Applying the Precepts of this GOSPEL to My LIFE has changed Every-Thing in My LIFE. The way I Think, Feel, Speak, LOVE, LIVE, Listen, and See Different Perspectives. Never before, have I ever felt such LOVE. LOVE From the Members of the Church, Heavenly Father, HOLY GHOST, JESUS CHRIST. Or, have I Realized how Very tRUE it is that, The GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST BLESSES FAMILIES. I Know that this may even seem Ridicuous, however, it Really Is Just So Ridiculously TRUE and Has Truly Made Me the Most Very Happiest that I have ever been. Never, have I ever thought that anything could Be So SUR-Real. That So Many Wonderful things Can and Will Come to Pass. Or, have I ever KNOWN that Inspiration, Revelation, and Prophesies was real-because I was told that they were not. Or, have I ever KNOWN, or would have guessed, that Anything and EVERY-THING, EVERY PIECE OF LOVE, Progression, Good-Dream, and Small and Large Things that I LOVE, would come from This GOSPEL, The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. I Know that We All Knew Each other once in the Spirit WORLD and that we are here to BUILD ZION. I Do Know that I LOVE YOU Very Much, even if we don't see each other here on earth right now. I am so Very Thankful for the Organizations of this Church so that we can see the GREAT Potential that is IN EACH One of Us. The Individual WORTH of YOU. Not to mention, the LOVE and Contributions that we Make and Do together. I know that this life is a test for all of us so that we may see the Great Potential and LOVE that we can and will show to others. I know We Are the Sons and Daughters of Our Master, Who Created Eternities and Worlds without ends & Colors Beyond our Imaginations and Creations Beyond Words. In KNOW these things to Be tRUE and I say these things in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I LIVE My Faith by Believing and Knowing that JESUS CHRIST LIVES and IS the Savior and AtONED for Our sins As Long As We Are Willing to do what HE Asks Of Us. I do not drink alcohol, coffee, colored teas-such as green, white, grey, purple, black, yellow, or blue, smoke anything, take harmful substances that May or Will mess with my mind, body, or Spirit. And, I absolutely never eat ice cream. Ok, the last one was a joke… I understand that All Converts to this Church are addicted or have difficult times dealing with this sort of news. It is alright, the tea and coffee things was weird to me too. However, “Even so FAITH, IF it hath not WORKS is dead, being alone.” ~James 2:17 I Promise You, if you are trying to quit any one of these substances I challenge you to PRAY to Heavenly Father and ask HIM for Strength and Do Your Very Hardest to not do it, and I PROMISE that with HIM, through JESUS CHRIST, You can accomplish Anything! They LOVE YOU, and They Will Cheer You On to CHOOSE THE RIGHT With Your Ancestors Knowing You Can and Will CHOOSE THE RIGHT! I Testify that that is TRUE. If You TRULY need Support ask the MISSIONARIES about the ARP class-Some of Us LOVE to call it, THE AtONEMENT REALITY PROGRAM. I LIVE MY FAITH Through Constant Prayer, Scripture Reading every night-if I am really tired I even just do at least a verse, Living the Commandments, Attending Church Every SUNDAY-sometimes it may seem hard but it is always a GRAND FEELING Afterwards and During, Visiting and going to the TEMPLE, Consistently HOPEing, which Leads to Faith, and Knowing that My HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY GHOST LOVE ME and ALL OF HIS CHILDREN, Especially, YOU. This is a WONDERFULL LIFE AND FULL OF JOY, HAPPINESS, PURE LOVE, and DREAMS Beyond MEASURE, I can only HOPE You WILL FIND THIS. I say these things in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Holy Beloved Son, Forever and Always, Amen. 3 P.S. I would LOVE to hear Your Testimony of Jesus Christ soon!