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Hi I'm Christee

I'm a city girl gone country. I live on a 1 acre mini farm. I love being a mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived in Arizona all my life. I attended college for 2 years before I married and started my family. I loved studying about nutrition, and herbs. Chemistry was a favorite subject. I was a city girl and new little about country life, but that all changed as my husband and I bought an acre of ground, built our house and started growing things. We slowly learned to garden, grow fruit, date, and nut trees, grape vines, berry bushes, bottle and freeze produce, milk a cow, make cheese, butter and icecream, raise chickens, gather eggs, raise beef cows, and rabbits! We both came from large families, and wanted to raise a large family of our own. We eventually had 11 beautiful, healthy children. I love being a mother! I love rocking the children, reading them stories, singing with them, teaching them, sewing for them, watching them grow and develop their talents, and personalities. Am I a perfect mom? No! I make alot of mistakes, loose my temper, get extremely tired, learn things after I need to know them, burn half the things I cook, etc. etc. etc. I often feel like a failure. I often feel joy, too. I love to learn. I love to read. I love to go to the computer and google a question and then search for the answer, though, my favorite place to find answers is in the Scriptures of God, and prayer.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an active L.D.S. family. We had family prayer morning and night. My Father read me many Bible Stories, and Book of Mormon Stories. We gathered as a family and had home evenings where we shared little family talents, played games, and learned lessons that our parents taught. We attended Church every Sunday, and I went to Primary during the week, where I learned many beautiful songs that I still love to sing with my children and grandchildren today. I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ when I was 8 years old. I remember feeling so clean after that baptism, and that I never wanted to do anything wrong again! I remember doing something that very afternoon that made me feel like I had sinned, already, and how sorry I was. I also learned the joy of repentance, and of the love my Heavenly Father had for me. I remember, as a child, the sweetness of personal prayer. I felt, as I knelt by my bed, that I was kneeling at my Heavenly Father's knee, and His love surrounded me. All my life, I have felt I could go to my Heavenly Father, and ask what I needed to know, and that He would answer me with what He felt was best for me. One year, after I was married, I read and studied the New Testiment. I felt a great love for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and gratitude for His atoning sacrifice. I wanted very deeply to live as He taught. I realized how much I needed Him to save me. I have read the Book of Mormon. I feel love for my Heavenly Father, and for His Son, Jesus Christ and a desire to keep their commandments and to live "after the manner of happiness" when I read that book.

How I live my faith

I guess living my faith starts with morning prayer and scriptures, both with my family, and then personally too. I need to put God first, He is my strength, my dearest friend and guide. I feel empty when I don't tune into Him. I try to take care of my families needs, like feeding them and making sure they have decent clothes to wear, seeing that they get to their activities (carpooling with others helps!), and being there to teach, train, guide, love, watch, cheer for, and serve wherever I can. Following the example of my parents, I read to my children, we study the scriptures, we have family prayer, Family Home Evening, we play games,we eat together, we camp together, we go on family vacations, we work, we go to church, we try to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have felt so much happiness in my youth, that I wanted to provide experiences for my family and for others that they could feel the same happiness in their lives. I have taught children in our church meetings for many years, gone to girls camp with teenage girls, been a den leader for cubscouts, babysit children in my home. We have a weekly Church Youth Choir that meets in our home each Sunday, with 60+ teenagers, and the Adult Choir meets right afterwards. We hold pack meetings in our back yard. We hold gamenights, where our children's friends come over for games, both inside and outside. We have built a big room onto our house for our large family gatherings, with our married children and grandchildren. We like to have extended family meetings once a month with my brothers and sisters on the even months, and with my husband's brothers and sisters on the odd months. Living self sufficiently and staying out of debt is a big part of my faith too. We have been taught to grow as much as we can in our yards, and we have been planting a little here and and a little there ever since. It is alot of work, but that has been good for us. I love being a wife and a mom. I'm grateful to be home.