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Hi I'm Mindy

I'm a Mormon who was born and raised in Utah. I have lived in Texas, Montana, and now I am in Arizona.

About Me

I love anything that has to do with fashion! I am a FASHIONISTA! I especially love shoes:) I like to decorate cakes with what little knowledge I have. I enjoy camping, hiking, and shooting (as long as no animals are involved). I like to make jewelry and pretty much any craft. I really love to design things such as houses, clothes, weddings, etc. I am currently not going to school. I missed the semester deadline. I plan to go next semester and start on my prerequisites for nursing. I am a CNA and love it! I do nails on the side.

Why I am a Mormon

There are plenty of reason why I am a mormon. But the most important reason to me is that I know I am never alone. Even when the world has betrayed me and no one is by my side, I know God is. I get the opportunity to feel of his presence which you can't get anywhere else! I had a knee injury that ruined my chance to be a cheerleader and ended my soccer career. Instead I got three knee surgeries and learned that I have a rare disease in my knee. I was furious with God! I did't really care to have anything to do with him. I hated going to church, my prayers came to a hault, and life was gray and gloomy. I was alone and no one around me could truly understand my pain of surgery after surgery. The only one who knew what I was going through was waiting for me to come to him, the very person I abandoned and blamed. I finally swallowed my pride and began to thank God for what had happened. My knee accident could have happened in the middle of a game while I was holding up a pyramid. What would have happened to the other girls? I still don't know why my knee accident happened but I know that God has a plan for me and it happened for my own good. When I am feeling down and tearspour from my eyes, missing home and my parents, I feel God wrap his arms around me and hold me close. God may not be someone who you can see or who can carry on a direct conversation but he is someone who can give you true comfort and can best care for your needs. Without this wonderful feeling and knowledge of this church, I am scared to think of where I would be today. I know that there is someone who knows how we feel. I am not alone in my pain and suffering. I know that God has finished the puzzle and can see all the extravagent detail and all I can see is the piece I am standing on. I love this church and I am glad to be a member.

How I live my faith

I have started institute and love it! We are studying the first half of the Book of Mormon and I just can't wait to get a better understanding of the wonderful, difficlut, words! I have just moved to a knew ward and so visiting teaching is new to me. Back home I wasn't really going to one ward. I kinda hopped around so I never really got the opportunity to have a calling or to participate in visiting teaching. I did however stay in a ward long enough to be given some sisters to go and visit. But at that moment, when I was still angry with God, thought it was pointless and didn't want to do it. I caused myself and partner to fail and I abandoned some sisters who needed me. Since then, I have gained a wonderful testimony of visiting teaching and I love my visiting teachers! I am excited to start myself and I hope to learn a lot as well as be the teacher.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

We live just like everyone else! All religions have their own do's and don'ts. We are just asked to not smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, or put harmful things into our bodies. I don't think you get much healthier then that:) We are also asked to dress modestly. This is a principle that a lot of us have a hard time with. I stuggled with it for quite some time. It seems that all the cute clothes are to short or to low or no sleeves. This is particularly hard for me because I am a fashion guru. But I once heard being modest is like paying your tithing. God asks you to pay 10% and the rest is yours to do as you please. Same applies with modesty. He asks us to be modest but we get to have fun with it! We get to chose our style, our colors, the shapes! Possibilities are endless! We live in big or small houses. Jobs range from doctors to mail men. Our lives are not much different then those around us. We just try to have our minds set on what is important and adjust our lives accordingly. God only wants what is best for us and wants us to be happy. Show more Show less