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Hi I'm Amanda

Language + computers is what I do! Bit of a bookworm/mom-friend, and I’m a Mormon!

About Me

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost my entire life, and I love it! I'm a huge fan of trees, ocean, and mountains, so I guess this place is perfect for me. I'm taking a break from the greenery to go to school at BYU, Provo, where I switch between studying linguistics, Japanese, and computer science. In my spare time, I love making art, listening to music, and making other people happy. I also do Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) when I get the chance. I was a missionary in Japan for a year and a half, and I feel like it’s my second home!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe that this is Christ's church. I know that God has a plan for me that is more incredible than anything I could even conceive. I know that God's words are found in the Book of Mormon, recorded by divinely ordained ancient prophets and translated by the prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is such an amazing source of pure, simple, powerful, and infinite truth. I love reading it everyday! I know that the prophet and apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been called of God. I know that they speak His will and that by following their guidance I can follow the path that God has planned for me. I'm a Mormon because it makes me happy, but, even more importantly, because it makes me better.

How I live my faith

Because of my faith, I believe that everyone is a child of God, and I try to treat them that way. I try to show love and compassion to others. I put the Lord first in my life and try to make decisions accordingly. Because of my faith, I know that I am loved just the way I am right now, but I also know that God loves me enough to want me to change to become better. Because of Christ's gospel, I am a better friend, daughter, and sister. My faith gives me hope and purpose. It gives me direction.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is made up of many books written and compiled by different people. The most important thing to remember, of course, is that the Book of Mormon contains the words of prophets. When a prophet speaks with authority, it is as if God is speaking, so we can literally think of The Book of Mormon as the word of God. Because the Book of Mormon spans a history of hundreds (and even thousands) of years, different prophets took charge of keeping records. Eventually, the prophet Moroni took this enormous collection of records and compiled and edited it down with the guidance of the Lord, keeping the prophet Nephi's entire record at the beginning. Mormon then passed this record on to his son, Moroni, who did a little more compiling of his own and also kept record of his own time. Moroni then buried this record in the earth. Moroni returned in the 1800s and appeared as an angel to the young Joseph Smith, showing him where the records had been buried for hundreds. Joseph Smith then translated these records by the power of God, and that is how we got the Book of Mormon that we have today. Show more Show less