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Hi I'm Collette.

I'm a Northwest girl living under Seattle's cloudy skies. I'm an equestrian, an online student & a daughter of God. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, as I mentioned before, I live in the Northwest & really love it. I love the rain, cloudy skies, evergreen trees & puddles. I also love the warmth of the fire in the fire place & falling asleep to the sound of a storm outside. It's hard to imagine living anywhere else. If I could travel though I would definitely go to Ireland. It would be such a change of scenery!.... Ok, not really, but I still want to live there! As part of my desire to travel, I love languages. Currently, I'm in my 4th year of French & my first year of Spanish. I want to be fluent in those languages & am already preparing to learn several others; I'm surrounded by people who speak other languages! I go to school online & find that it is easier to learn this way. One of the great things about online school is the flexibility of hours. This has helped me when I get restless or bored. It also helps me get out to the private stable that I work at. I've worked with horses for 5 years; I'm grateful I get to work with them & have a chance to draw them. I have worked with the same trainer all these years as well & have created a family & haven away from my "heaven on earth," or home. I have an amazing family which is slowly growing. The additions have been perfect! I have & always will prefer to be with my family than anywhere or with anyone else. Even better is going to church & to the temple with them. I love my family, animals, languages, sarcasm, rain & clouds, and I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I want to be. I love the gospel and church, as well as the truths and blessings I recieve from them. Being a Mormon is the light, peace and foundation of my life. Like anyone, I haven't had a smooth ride of things. My health took a turn for the worst a few years ago (not life-threatening, but definitely something that would be difficult) and it has changed my life forever. Sure, as a little kid, being a Mormon meant sitting in church for a while, going to church activities and believing what I was told. I did the things that I knew a typical Mormon girl should do, but never tried much harder to know for myself why I was a Mormon, and what I believed. I had a wonderful and blessed life, with the occassional and beautiful spiritual experience, but I never really gave them much thought after they happened. I know, pretty ungrateful and sad. But the health challenges have changed that; at least, I've improved a bit. I know this is a pretty ridiculous assumption, but because of what I went through, I feel like I have a small understanding of what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsamene. I understand the darkness, pain and (almost) complete loneliness, the suffering that was needed to become a better person, a willingness to "endure to the end," an increased love, and the better understanding of the hardships of others. This miniscule understanding has also touched me; it helped me understand why it was such a big deal that Christ suffered for us. He was perfect -as imperfect as we will ever be in this mortal existence- and as innocent as a child. It breaks my heart to think of Him taking on what I had to experience, which wasn't even my fault. I can't imagine that He was willing to take all of that, to take all sins, and give me a chance at eternal life. I know now that Heavenly Father loves us, personally and perfectly. He will never, ever give up on us. He has given us the true gospel and church to accept or deny. That is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in a variety of ways and as best I can. I have no callings or assignments in the church, but I'm sure that my bishop won't let it stay that way for long. Because I'm still having some small health issues I do not attend church for the full time, but I make it to the most important part: sacrament meeting. My mom is a seminary teacher, which is helping me start to read the scriptures more regularly and understand them better. It isn't just my mom or me who is helping me to understand; the Holy Ghost helps me comprehend the scriptures as well. I say my prayers every night, although they are far from what one would consider a "perfect" prayer. I never miss a chance to state that I'm LDS or what I believe... I do answer questions when I recieve them, but what I really meant is that if I'm in a store and someone in my company says "Mormon," I tend to echo them in some fashion or another and say "Mormon" a lot louder than they did. I want people around me to know who and what I am, that way I have a chance to start conversations. It is wonderful to have conversations and answer questions, but I must admit I also do it so I have a chance to feel the Holy Ghost and show Heavenly Father that I'm not embarrassed of Him or my religion. Also, I live my faith by keeping the Word of Wisdom. For those who do not know what this is, it's the guidelines by which we eat, drink and physically nourish ourselves. I also do my best to dress modestly, keep clean language and thoughts, have charity, and just to be happy. I do not lower my standards; I will not watch R-rated movies, be influenced to do something that is destructive, etc. This is how I live my faith to the best of my abilities.