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Hi I'm Asher

I grew up in Utah. I happen to love snowboarding, music, sports, and fantasy books and games. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There are lots of sides to any person. I'm no different. I am married to my beautiful Erin, and we have a wonderful, growing two month old little girl Maddie. We love playing with her and watching her reactions to new things -- especially music. If I'm not with my family I am either going to work as a pest control technician or attending class to become an ultrasound technician. Lately I've found an interest in fantasy board games, specifically one called Warmachine. Anyone familiar with the game will not be surprised that I found an interest! I used to be really into hardcore video games for Xbox 360, but had to sell it not long ago. My favorite games were Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, and Supreme Commander 2, to name a few. I also play all kinds of musical instruments. My favorite is definitely guitar, but I also play violin, piano, drums, trumpet, and, if you can count it as a separate category, bass guitar. Listening to music is also a love of mine, and I like all things that I could possibly play. My favorite band is without question Alter Bridge, and I like similar groups.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it's become part of who I am. My family was always considered "active" while I grew up, and we always went to church on Sundays and participated in church activities during the week. I particularly remember my mother telling me bedtime Bible stories, or having me pick my favorite Book of Mormon hero from a selection of pictures that she had displayed in front of me. Early on I gained a conviction that these scripture stories were important, and I tried to implement the lessons as best I could, even it was only "be nice to other kids." From this conviction grew my testimony that the scriptures are written for us, and the truths contained in them are in reality applicable to my life. I truly believe that the Bible is the written word of God, handed down from early prophets until they reached me. I also believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet in the exact same capacity as Bible prophets. Spiritual confirmation can mean different things for different people; for me, I did receive spiritual confirmation that this is true when I was nineteen years old. I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him. I don't remember if it was a verbal prayer or silent, but I do remember the onset of knowing it was right. It was just something that I knew, that stemmed from that prayer rather than anything logical that I had researched. I knew without a doubt that Heavenly Father had given me a positive answer. The Gospel of Jesus Christ now gives me and my family a framework in which we can live and work while knowing that we can be happy. Really, truly happy. I have had a wonderful marriage and the birth of our first child was only evidence that things get better and better. The knowledge that I am secure in loving my wife is a joy to me; I cannot imagine a life where I had to live without that trust. I know that following the teachings of Jesus Christ brings a happiness that can't be found elsewhere. I know its true.

How I live my faith

My wife and I were just asked to speak in a church meeting in a few weeks. It is very common for the members of the congregation to be asked beforehand to prepare a speech (or, "talk," as it is called in Mormon culture :) I was asked to speak on the topic of service, while my wife will speak on the topic of tithing. We have the opportunity to take a major role in teaching the congregation about these topics out of the accepted scriptures of the church, uplifting stories, or even other experiences or literature. I plan to bring a joke or two in addition the speech, but overall the point of "giving a talk" is to uplift and enlighten someone in the congregation.