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Hi I'm Mike Williams

I joined The Mormon Church in 1969. It has been so wonderful to be in the Lord's church and know His love all these years.

About Me

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. My parents and grandparents were of the Methodist faith. They taught me early to worship God and to pray. I graduated in 1959 at age 17 from John Marshall high school in Oklahoma City and left for Boston to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I immediately realized that once I saw the ocean I could not go back to the plains. But, the winters in Boston were very cold. I graduated from MIT in 1964 with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and headed for Los Angeles and the Hughes Aircraft Company where I designed transmitters and receivers for the Surveyor Moon Lander, for satellites, and for missiles. There I met my first wife. We soon had two sons and a daughter join us. I got a masters degree from UCLA. The PhD was interrupted by my growing family and economics. In 1977 The Boeing Company beckoned, and we moved to Seattle, Washington, where I would become the radar software engineer on the AWACS program. I also proved the correct operation of software in several electronics boxes on 777, 767 and 757 aircraft. But engineers do not communicate well, and in 1984 I was divorced. I met my second wife, Sereta, in the Mormon Singles program and we were married in 1986. She also had three wonderful children. We never became the “Brady Bunch.” But, we have two doctors, a lawyer, a paramedic, an author, an engineer, and twenty-one grandchildren. I retired in 2002 and wonder when I ever had time to work.

Why I am a Mormon

My first wife was Catholic. We wanted a common church. A friend, Bob Allen, was a Mormon Bishop. I asked him, “What is the Mormon Church?” He told me of Joseph Smith’s first vision, and of our pre-existence before this life. These struck a deep chord. Bob taught by the Spirit. Bob invited us to Sacrament meeting and to hear the missionaries, but we were not ready for a big life change. After our first child we became more serious. Elders John Jones and Phillip Rogers knocked on our door in Woodland Hills, CA. We began taking lessons. They showed me The Book of Mormon promise that with sincere prayer I can know it is a true witness for Jesus Christ. (Moroni 10:3-5). The Lord previously had answered my prayers. I knew He could answer me on this all important point. The Book of Mormon tells how the Lord in 600 BC led the prophet Lehi from Jerusalem to the America’s to escape the conquest of Israel by Babylon. Then 600 years later following His death and resurrection Christ appears to Lehi’s descendents, and blesses them. As I was reading this I received a most powerful witness from God that these events really happened. The Book of Mormon is true! I saw first hand how much Jesus Christ loved those people. I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had to follow the Lord’s commandments and be baptized into His church. I wanted to be where He was. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in March of 1969. I received the Melchizedek Priesthood a year later and went to the temple. A few years later I was giving a blessing to a man having some tough problems. The Lord reminded me of my previous powerful witness of His love that I received as I read the Book of Mormon. So, I told the man in the blessing how much the Lord loved him, and his outlook quickly changed from despair to hope. He felt the Lord's love during the blessing. I am a Mormon because the Mormon Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ, and I want to be where He is.

How I live my faith

We join the Church of Jesus Christ after receiving a witness of its truth, but this testimony is fragile. Like taking an ember from the fire, a testimony grows dim if it is removed from the work. At our baptism and in the Sacrament we covenant that we will take the name of Jesus Christ, serve Him, and keep His commandments. In turn if we do this He promises to bless us with the Holy Ghost. To take His name means we will try to become as He is and will try to bring others to Him. The Lord will call us to service through His chosen leaders. The church is organized into geographical units with congregation sizes that will allow everyone to have a calling to perform a specific work. There is no lack of opportunity to serve and fulfill our commitment. To do this requires that we learn of Him through prayer, scripture study and through listening to the inspired words of church leaders who are called of God. These leaders along with the scriptures and our prayers teach us how to bless our families and fulfill our callings as we grow in wisdom and love in the Gospel. God’s commandments and instruction are for the purpose of helping us lead joyful lives. Knowing the pure love of Jesus Christ is perhaps the greatest treasure we can find in this life. It takes us from our simple nets and makes us want to be fishers of men. I wish all knew the love of Jesus Christ as I have experienced it while serving in many callings in the Church. I know the Mormon Church is His church. To know His love is everything we could ask for. I wish I could love people as He does, but I have the normal human problems of pride and fears like everyone else. But keeping active in the Gospel takes me line upon line and precept on precept towards eternal goals. There are trials to give us experience, but trials are bearable when we have taken the yoke of Jesus Christ upon us. Knowing Him is the key to a great life, and makes pondering, study, prayer and service so very worthwhile.